Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bringing Down The House!

Bringing Down The House (Of Runes):.

Friday night was the start of a new era, hot off the heels after our swan song in Ditzy Diner the previous week. After having risked life and limb in doing Russian Roulette last Friday (and finding myself the receiving end of Dramagician jokes because of it), we took our act to unchartered territories courtesy of fellow mentalist Nomer Lasala: The House Of Runes in West Avenue.

It was quite a challenge, to say the least. We were in a crowd that didn’t seem like our target market, and we didn’t know if we were going to get through them with our comedy style. Despite that, we went ahead and gave them our best shot, and we quickly found out that we could really get them to laugh if we just gave them enough time to warm up to us.

For once, I headlined the night, and I did two of my favourite magic and comedy acts to much success from the audience. At the same time, I tried out some new material and my classic jokes about my misadventures as a magician on TV. All in all, we really caught the attention of everyone there that night, and it’s something to look forward to for next week, to be sure.

We’re gonna be there again next Friday, guys! Catch some magic and standup comedy only at The House Of Runes, Westlife, West Avenue, QC. It’s very near EDSA, so you can’t miss it.

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Anonymous said...

Hope to see you guys again with Nomer at the House of Runes. Nomer performed there last Apr 23 and he was such a hit to the crowd. They actually want more of him. Looking forward to all your wit and magic. Pls contact Orly at 4123958. Thanks.

Tin & Dizzi