Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 365 (18/365), And A New DK Week!

.:18/365: Predictions:.

A Larry Becker killer effect to show off what predictions are all about.

There are so many variations for predictions, I decided to just include them all here in one discussion.

The thing with predictions is, it’s a very strong allure for most people to be able to determine the future, and to find someone capable of doing so. It boils back down to the Oracle phenomenon and how the regular question and answer segment mentalists do can often be the highlight of their one or two-hour show.

Whether it’s about mentalists who attempt to predict the lottery, or the fabled notarized headline predictions by Devin Knight, mentalism has managed to achieve a point where almost anything can be predicted, albeit one is led to wonder why none of these accurate predictions has ever resulted in a mentalist actually winning the lottery. Would the ethics involved truly be too much of a dilemma for them?

I’ve had my share of prediction routines in the past, and I must say, these routines are among the hardest-hitting of the lot. When you make a prediction, and it’s accurate, and people are racking their brains trying to figure out how it’s possible, well you manage to establish yourself in a way nobody can possibly hope to.

Prediction routines, when hyped properly and when done correctly, can get you the most mileage in terms of publicity and recognition. I’ve done simple predictions in the past where months later, a former client would approach me from out of the blue just to tell me that I did something right. It’s quite a great feeling, really.

I’d love to show you one of my prediction routines, but wouldn’t you know it, I actually haven’t really allowed myself to be filmed yet doing one of them...

I predict you’re disappointed, but just look at it this way: out of all the mentalism effects out there, this is arguably the one that needs the least amount of explanation or buildup. Everyone understands what’s at stake when you make a prediction, and manage to nail it.

.:Today’s DK...:.

... the Por-No, Por-Yes record has been broken by K-24/7! Wow!

Also, we’ve had tons of really funny jokes in our joketime segment this morning, not to mention a lot of other interesting conversations, including Jason Ivler, Kris Aquino, and so forth.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episode, as well as the episode featuring Jonas Diego and Elbert Or on Thursday, as they talk about comics.

Catch the Disenchanted Kingdom on 99.5 RT, Mondays to Fridays, 6-9 AM. This was an awesome start to the week. =D

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