Saturday, January 09, 2010

Project 365 (10/365): Kreskin

.:10/365: The Amazing Kreskin:.

His prediction for 2010: the Philippine elections will be messy. Accurate? Y/Y?

There’s something about every new year that seems so enticing for psychics. Every year, we have crackpot psychics making the same predictions again and again: a celebrity will have a tragic death and many people will mourn; a natural calamity will claim many lives; a long-time celebrity couple will call it quits after a long time.

The Amazing Kreskin is very famous for making these yearly predictions, and is one of the longest-performing mentalists of our time. He’s not very fond of being referred to as a psychic, and makes no claims of having clairvoyant abilities or paranormal powers. Like most of the contemporary mentalists we know, he relies on psychological cues and the like in order to read people.

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