Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Weekend Insanity, Plus Some DK Craziness...

.:An Insane Weekend:.

This weekend has been the craziest one I’ve ever had, in my opinion.

It all started with Ditzy Diner. I did a silent comedy show, met some new people, then sung my lungs out, despite having a sore throat.

Saturday started off normally enough, as I hung out with Sacha and the rest of the JGL, and we had a lot of great times talking to each other and all. It’s always good to hang out with them and catch up, especially since Mario was the butt of our jokes, poking fun at the fact that he was still into Sacha, for the most part.

Afterwards, things started getting really crazy...

I decided to pass on going to the Ne-Yo concert in favour of meeting up with Cleo and going to Marf’s birthday celebration. This was normal, as was getting lost on our way to the place and doing some magic for Marf’s party, including doing my infamous rope routine on Cleo, much to her shock, as neither her nor Marf have ever seen me doing my act that way.

After I enjoyed Avatar a second time, Cleo and I had to go to Adfarm as I tried helping out with doing plugs for the Disenchanted Kingdom. With no sleep to my name and me feeling a bit idiotic as I let Cleo use my laptop to chat with her suitor prior to the film, I was so sleepy during the morning show that my sleepy time pictures ended up on Facebook. Not even a good topic for “Pinoy Na Pinoy”, one about call center agents, could keep the whole KDL-less crew from just succumbing to fatigue and sleepiness.

Ah, well. Crazy weekend? Crazy weekend, for sure.

.:Tuesday Morning’s Disenchanted Kingdom...:.

... considering how yesterday’s show was one that saw me completely exhausted because of a relentless weekend, I must be grateful for this morning’s show, as it was one that featured just myself and the ever-lovely Cleo Caliente. Marf and Logan were indisposed, and JJ Cool and Inka didn’t drop in on us, either.

Anyways, the show proved to be a pretty good one as the two of us tried to give advice to this guy who supposedly fell in love with his best friend, although his best friend simply doesn’t feel that way about him. It was rather amusing to think about it because we were talking about “Paano Na Kaya”, which was a film that apparently has the exact same storyline as our poor guy in need of advice.

Ultimately, this wasn’t the first time Cleo and I did a radio show on our own, and as two people with similar styles during our graveyard days (And even the same show title! Insomaniacs vs. Insomania!), we gelled extra well this morning, as she threw barbs at me while I took all of them in stride, and found a lot of people who supported me and actually implored Cleo to be nicer to me. Heh.

We also ended up talking about Angel Locsin, the suspension of “Showtime”, Piolo Pascual, and Simon Cowell’s intention to leave “American Idol” after this season. Cleo quipped that I was the Paula Abdul to her Simon Cowell, akin to the way that I was the Boy Abunda to her Kris Aquino. It didn’t take long before we started doing impressions of the latter two.

All in all, a pretty good episode, and a good one to anticipate the return of the King tomorrow.

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