Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 (23/365), And A Random Grab-Bag

.:23/365: The Blindfold Act Or Remote Viewing:.

This is my demonstration of the blindfolded rubik’s solve.

Remote viewing seems to be the one branch of mentalism that has had the most practical use over the years, assuming that it works perfectly. There was a time when the FBI actually used remote viewing to aid them in solving crimes, such that they’d have supposed psychics focus on finding kidnap victims or analyzing crime scenes.

Unfortunately, as my demonstration has shown, I don’t quite have that kind of range just yet, and am restricted to remote viewing in my proximity and in real time. The blindfolded Rubik’s solve is something I learned from Richard Osterlind, and is one of the key highlights of my act. Now, in my case, it could be called a blindfold act, but if I were to attempt to dictate to a person how to solve a cube while I stood in another room, that would not be a blindfold act, but it would still be remote viewing.

I love this routine, because it’s such a hard worker. It never fails to please the audience, and any skeptics you might run into are quickly flabbergasted when you start solving the cube behind your back, deliberately holding the cube in front of you both for orientation and drama purposes.

Remote viewing is something that has been utilized by pretty much every single mentalist of note out there, although there are a million and one variations. We’ve mentioned in the past that Uri Geller has also performed his own version of remote viewing, specifically doing the blindfolded drive. Osterlind has done it, I’m almost certain Banachek could’ve done it, as it’s right up his alley, and of course, the great Glenn Faulkenstein has done a signature blindfold act with his wife for decades.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to sightless vision. As an entertainer, I certainly love the things I can pull off with it. But imagine this... if everyone could only do remote viewing even just by proximity, barring worries of peeping Tom’s, wouldn’t that be a good thing?

.:Spare Us!:.

Manny Villar's jingle is now in Japanese.

.:The Countdown To Stepdown!:.

It's 158 days before GMA says goodbye to the presidency!

.:The Final Showdown:.

Ditzy Diner's last ever open mic was amazing. That is all I can say about it for now, although I must warn that I was completely out of character that night, like anything. Needless to say, we're gonna miss that place after everything's been said and done.

I really went and left it all on the stage that night. I was extremely harried, what with the double whammy I got hit with earlier that afternoon. Still, my third set for the year went over very well.

.:Impromptu Homecoming:.

After a very successful show in Woodrose where I was asked to do an encore by the audience, I found out through Eky that tonight was Don Bosco Technical College's homecoming, so I promptly dropped by. There were only five of us there: Patrick Cruz, Nilo, Jeff Ching, and Luis Geronimo. Mrs. Benessa also showed up, so did Mr. Antiga and Mr. Mefragata. Wow.

I was a bit saddened that I found out only tonight that my mentor in English, Edna Rivero, passed away last September, at the height of Ondoy. I owe it to her to write more about my memories and experiences of her once I gather my thoughts...

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