Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Pat On The Back...


Slept for thirteen hours yesterday. Couldn’t believe it, really. I just went out at 6PM, and woke up at 7AM the next day. Wow.

It’s the perfect way to reward myself for having (finally) submitted my thesis hard copies yesterday. Yeah!

.:Sunday’s Surprise Party:.

I hosted the latter half of Bubba’s (Jane’s beau.) surprise birthday party, and it was quite an awesome night. From Rockeoke (Yes, I sang “What’s Up”!) to Jane and Bubba having a duet live, to seeing Stanley Chi perform again after a long time of being delinquent from Spicy Fingers, it was all good, really.

Carlos, Hannah, and Vince were awesome company. We had a grand time, especially when Carlos and I decided to start doing some magic for Vince, who was just floored by the both of us. Ultimately, the night went really well, from the food to the company, and I’m glad Bubba liked the surprise Jane put together for him. With a girlfriend like Jane, I guess you might say Bubba is one helluva lucky guy. I don’t think I’d ever have someone pull something as big as that for me, after all.

.:Instant Homecoming:.

Last Saturday, I found myself with nowhere to go after a successful show in Woodrose. I was about to just head to Megamall to play some Street Fighter IV when I discovered that the annual alumni homecoming was happening on the same night. It wasn’t too hard to figure out that the appeal of going to my high school alma mater, Don Bosco Technical College, proved to be too much for me to resist.

So I went there and discovered there were only about five of my batch who bothered to go to the homecoming. Despite that, it was fun. Catching up with Luis Geronimo had to be one of the most surprising moments of my life, not because we were pseudo –rivals in high school, but because apparently, we both happened to personally know Manolo Quezon. I have to admit, I couldn’t help but say “small world” when I found out.

The alumni homecoming was definitely fun, although I didn’t feel too compelled to stick around for long. Pauleen Luna was hosting it, the theme was all about wrestling, and some people I haven’t seen in ages, namely Mrs. Etta Benessa, Mr. Narciso Mefragata, and Mr. Sixto Antiga were in attendance. I must say, I felt a lump in my throat as I saw them.

I think I should make this a personal annual tradition for me. In fact, against my better judgment, I started seeking out my classmates from Zone 40. Maybe a decade away from it all has given us rose-colored visions of how things used to be, but I genuinely am proud of having been a Bosconian. That much cannot be denied.


Vince said...

Good times dude! You're always the life of the party with your AWESOME skills! Keep it up!

Hannah said...