Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365 (12/365), And Some DK Backblogging...

.:12/365: Uri Geller:.


Fewer people in the mentalism world has caused as much controversy as Uri Geller. Claiming extraordinary powers bestowed upon him by extraterrestrials, Uri started his career in the 1970’s by doing demonstrations of drawing duplication, spoon bending, and even blindfold driving. He’s been one of the most influential figures in mentalism, but also one of the most polarizing. You either believe that the man is what he claims to be, or a complete hack who preys on people who don’t know any better.

Uri craves the spotlight. He’s a man who has built a name by making claims that have gotten increasingly more outlandish over the years, until his eventual fall from grace thanks to his arch-nemesis, James Randi. Randi, a very renowned skeptic, was the man behind Uri’s apparent failure during the Tonight show with Johnny Carson, as he asked Carson to make sure that Uri doesn’t use his own materials when demonstrating his spoon bending.

It doesn’t really matter where you stand on the divide between Uri believers and naysayers. For those who believe him, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, none will ever prove sufficient. Personally, I’d rather celebrate the man’s contributions to mentalism, because without him, people wouldn’t be standing and taking notice of the things we can now accomplish. He opened the doors, so love him or hate him, I still respect him for that.

And truth be told, how many mentalists would say “no” to an opportunity to be heralded as “the next Uri Geller?” From “Phenomenon” to several other productions held all over the globe, the desire to find a successor to the controversial Uri Geller has taken on a life of its own already. Who knows, right? Perhaps the next Uri Geller would be able to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is indeed the real deal.

.:DK Insanity:.

Wow. Last week’s Tuesday episode of the Disenchanted Kingdom was on a higher octane level than usual.

It started off with us talking about how ABS-CBN managed to sensationalize the whole Efren-Angel affair, not to mention the big fuss they made about Kuya getting hospitalized due to over-fatigue. Sometimes, when it’s a really slow day, I guess they can’t help but try to stir up stuff just to keep things spicy, eh?

After that, we had a laugh trip as we talked about my ex. Cleo was berating me about how quickly the whole thing lasted, while Logan was theorizing that I pulled the whole thing just so I could get Cleo jealous. We also ended up talking about Cleo theorizing about us having kids, and how I’ve progressed from someone Cleo would never consider to someone she’d consider having test-tube babies with. All in good fun, really, as I established that my Lovey-Dovey wasn’t really a Snuffleuppagus, so to speak.

Afterwards, we had very interesting discussions, along with rapid-fire comebacks left and right. From doing voices and pretending to be hoodlums set to do a mafia drive-by, to on-the-button insult comedy we managed to hit each other with, it was all good and all fun. I guess that’s great, considering how I lost my voice shortly afterwards, and the soonest I could come back to RT would be on Monday already.

Anyways, it’s been really good, and the fact that my rapport with the hosts of the Disenchanted Kingdom has been steadily improving has definitely resulted in a lot of good times to be had on and off the air with them.

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