Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project 365 (19/365), And A Brief Obituary...

.:19/365: Corinda:.

Ah, yes. The author of what is frequently considered as the bible for mentalists: the 13 Steps To Mentalism. Tony Corinda is a man shrouded in mystery, and has been living in retirement for decades already, yet very little is known about him.

What we do know is this, though: as the author of the 13 Steps, Corinda has given rise to modern mentalism, and has influenced a whole generation of mentalists. The performers I look up to, from Osterlind to Maven to Derren, all owe quite a lot to Corinda, and it can’t be denied how huge an influence he has been on the entire industry to this very day. Anyone who has seen 13 Steps could attest that despite the age of the text, it’s anything but outdated. It has excellent tips about billets, the Swami, making predictions, blind sight, and a host of other effects that mentalists utilize in their arsenal.

I may not know much about him other than the contents of his seminal work, but I’d be remiss not to mention the man I consider as the father of modern mentalism, and this short but sweet post is in honor of the man.

.:Farewell, Cerge:.

I shall not spit on your grave albeit I have no tears to shed, but perhaps, a moment of silence will suffice for one such as you.

You always had a way with words.

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