Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365 (11/365): Telepathy

.:11/365: A Treatise On Telepathy:.

I can read your mind.

True telepathy, the kind that involves reading someone’s mind from out of nowhere, is something that I personally feel doesn’t happen instantaneously. The kinds of thoughts people have are often so jumbled and incoherent that it simply doesn’t make any sense to sift through.

People who are so connected to each other that they can finish each other’s sentences tend to believe that their connection to each other is practically telepathic. More often than not, most telepaths ascribe their abilities to strong empathy, and understand that it is not necessarily a special power that they and they alone possess. To be honest, it appears that telepathy is a lot more common than we think it is, if we consider deep forms of empathy as manifestations of telepathy.

Mind-reading has often been an object of attraction for both mentalists and fans of mentalism alike. Whenever I tell someone that I’m a mentalist, more often than not, the first thing they ask me is if I can tell them what they’re thinking of right now. It’s challenging, really, especially since when bereft of a genuine empathic connection, I have to rely on psychoanalyzing the person in hopes of getting what they’re thinking.

Thankfully, it does work, and that’s one of the biggest non-secrets of the mentalism world: a lot of it is educated guesswork and the ability to investigate the tendencies of the human condition in any given situation. Reading a person’s mind is a matter of either manipulating them to think a certain way, making an educated guess what they are thinking of, or having a unique connection with a person that allows you a special insight into how they think.

Mind-reading is one of the most challenging things a mentalist could learn. It’s something I constantly work on, and the easiest way to do it is to forge empathic relationships with the people around you. Not only does this make your mind-reading act much more interesting, but it allows you to have relationships certainly worth keeping, after all.

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