Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 365 (25/365): The Mentalist TV Show

.:25/365: The Mentalist:.

As mentalism becomes more and more known by the mainstream, it was just a matter of time before a TV show about one had to be made.

This is a show that follows Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation based in Sacramento, California. He has an impressive track record for solving heinous crimes by utilizing his skills, including mentalism. As a semi-celebrity in the past by being a fake psychic medium, he is attempting to redeem himself for the death of his wife and daughter, who were murdered by a serial killer attracted by his previous attention-seeking behaviour.

I have to admit that the premise of the show is incredibly interesting, and at the same time, very relatable to a lot of mentalists, especially those who are not fond of believing in any paranormal abilities. While there are opposing schools in the realm of mentalism, it appears to always be the case that there’s this one particular fortune teller who frequently gets things right that we’ve never encountered before. Skepticism does have a long road ahead of it when it comes to debunking hacks and swindlers, and this quest is far from over.

The Mentalist is a very well-executed show, and the appeal to CSI fanatics out there can be quite strong. I suggest you give this show a watch if you ever find it available. Outside of that, I don’t really have much to say about the show, since it’s not really performance mentalism that we witness when watching the program, but mostly real-world application of one’s powers of deduction and mentalist skills at work.

Apparently, there is some measure of usefulness for mentalism in the real world...

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