Thursday, February 17, 2011

DK Fun Never Stops!

.:Disenchanted Comedy Night!:.

Last night, I swung by the DK (And I’ll be there again tonight, by the way, so tune in to 99.5 RT for it!) and we had a pretty fun night as Anna Q5 unveiled her latest game, called Anna Cinque’s Carinderoire. Essentially, the idea was to describe regular fare in the swankiest terms possible, and then asking people to guess which food it actually happens to be.

In any case, it has been awesome. Our banter has been rapid-fire, to say the least, whether off-color humor about Anna’s “bibingka,” or about Marf’s double heaping of blind items for the night, keeping all the people listening guessing and intrigued. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable night, but it was just plain better the minute we wrapped up and headed out to Tomato Kick for Lu Skywalker’s birthday party.

It was a laugh-filled comedy night, and I met some good friends like JB dela Cruz and the great Mike Unson. It was a great show, and as I was going to be an open mic guy that night (Chose to go to the party instead of that night’s Votre show.), it was going to be a tough act to follow, especially since after Mike came Moymoy Palaboy himself.

When it was finally my turn, a lot of fun was had as I did some of my reliable material, combined with the Shanghai Shackles and Liquid Metal. Overall, we definitely had a lot of fun, and I was pleased as punch as things went just the way I planned them.

Congratulations to Lu for a successful comedy night, and here’s hoping for more of these to come!

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