Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 52 (9/52): Let The Pain Remain - Side A

.:Project 52 (9/52): Let The Pain Remain – Side A:.

Sadly, there’s no Basil Valdez video available on YouTube, but I must say, while riding with Carlos, Judd, Erika, and Ms. Beng from our weekend excursion in Nagsasa, and we spent a good chunk of our road trip just singing classic OPM hits, including this one.

Isn’t it a bit fitting that Basil Valdez has the most powerful anthem about finding love (Ngayon at Kailanman) and losing it (Let The Pain Remain)? I think it’s rather poignant, and a testament to the legendary crooner’s immense talent.

I tend to look to this song with a kind of knowing recognition because “Let The Pain Remain” is sage, albeit masochistic advice to remind one’s self of the only thing that remains to be true about a love lost. When all the good memories have faded away as she finds comfort in the arms of another while you have nothing of the sort, the song reminds you in a heart-wrenching manner that every throb of pain is one more moment you could steal away from what you once had, the very textbook definition of a bittersweet memory.

I chose this song mainly because I ended up reminiscing about the song when we sang it last night en route to Manila. It’s quite an interesting song to listen to, and something I recall very fondly every now and then.

But then again, maybe having a sad song hit too closely to home doesn’t do too well for one’s well-being.

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