Thursday, February 17, 2011


.:Can You Imagine If...:.

Manoling Morato gave a talk about machismo?

Manny Pacquiao debated with Floyd Mayweather in the ring?

Willie Revillame was actually a decent human being?

Pepe Smith encouraged us to live a straight-edged lifestyle?

On iBlog 7, will we believe that a man could fly?


Anonymous said...

Marcelle random question: Is the diploma really worth it?

Looking back, do you think that an undergraduate degree or masters degree in the social sciences and humanities is a big deal?

Marcelle said...

An interesting question, and most definitely random. I would have to say that if I didn't finish my undergraduate degree, I wouldn't be where I am now, which I find to be a good place.

But the Masters Degree? Not worth it and a waste of six years of my life. Even if I finished it in 2010, I would still have no use for it today. Nor do I feel that I would have any use for it ever.

I was better off getting recommended reading lists from my former professors than taking their classes.

Anonymous said...


They say that a diploma is an institutionalized form of cultural capital, a document that gives you social mobility in the long term. Simply put, it is something that increases your market value.

In your case, you took up AB COM. Was it because of the training that you received, as well as the networks that you have established (in that specific community), that helped you get where you are right now? Or is it that a diploma is a diploma, that had you finished philosophy for undergrad you would still be in the same place (because it is an ATENEO diploma anyway)?

Sorry if I ask too much. I am at a crossroads and I need to know just how valuable a diploma is.

Marcelle said...

Wow. Now I'm curious as to who you are, albeit I don't mind if you prefer to keep your identity a secret.

In any case, I always wanted to be a radio jock. Comm Arts was my path to get there, but I would still have given it a shot even if I did take up Philosophy.

I'm currently doing advertising, yes, but it's online advertising. Personally, I feel that whatever my course, I would've ended up a blogger anyways, which was what really proved important to me ending up here in Nuffnang.

A diploma *is* worth it. It's just a question of what your purposes are for that diploma in the end.