Friday, February 11, 2011


.:Today’s WTFery...:.

I’ll have you know that I actually like listening to Church songs. Having been a Bosconian for a significant chunk of my life and a member of the choir in high school, I have to say that I really like good Christian songs, and don’t mind even if they can sometimes get a bit heavy-handed with the witnessing. I mean, hey, if you truly believe in saving souls and you feel obliged to save other people’s souls through song, I guess it sorta makes sense that you’d be dropping some anvils in your lyrical stylings. It comes with the territory, and so long as the music’s catchy enough and people willingly listen to it, that can’t be bad at all, right?

This is not one of those songs.

Do I even need to say anything else about how awesome this video is? It’s so bad, it’s good!

.:February 18 And 19 Couldn’t Come Sooner!:.

Forget all those other concerts happening this month! Resorts World is where it’s at, as they take one of the most awesome acts of all time to the Philippines!

Better than Fra Lippo Lippi? Yes! Better than Justin Bieber? Definitely! Better than Taylor Effin’ Swift? Absolutely!

Get ready as Resorts World presents to you...

The Chippendales!

What more could you ask for, right?

.:Sugarfree’s Last Few Dances:.

You know, I tried taking a picture of Sugarfree in saGuijo last night (It was actually my first time there!), but the place was so jampacked that I couldn’t even get inside the door and had to satisfy my craving for Ebe and the boys by listening to them outside, where every single audience member was singing along to every song Sugarfree played that night.

It’s actually sad, because the more they talk, it actually doesn’t sound like Sugarfree will continue on after Ebe departs. They’ve been referring to Sugarfree as though the band were really disbanding at the end of the month, and I guess that might really be the case.

Having said that, I caught Duster early on in the evening, and of course, Jonas Diego and I were very appreciative of the musical stylings of the band, fronted by my batchmate, Ms. Katwo Librando-Puertollano (That’s a rich-sounding family name, if there ever was one. Heh.). While there, we ran into Karla Redor and Sha, who really were rocking that night as well.

After Duster, in came Peryodiko, and I keep learning to appreciate that group more and more. Originally, all I thought of them was “that band with Ebe’s brother in it,” but now? Man, I really love “Bakasyon.” It gets catchier each time I hear it.

Sugarfree predictably brought the house down when they performed. I don’t think there was any doubt that they would be the highlight of the night, and from “Hay Buhay” to “Telepono,” they performed like there was no tomorrow, and the absolutely jampacked saGuijo just went nuts in appreciation for the band.

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