Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kodomo Speed Dating!

.:Another Speed Dating Night:.

Will hearts find their matches on this night? Maybe...

As I was invited by an old friend of mine, Moon, I decided to swing by Kodomo Restobar last Friday night in Maysilo Circle to be a part of their pre-Valentine’s speed dating event. Now, truth be told, a year ago, I actually also went on a speed dating event in February, and that one was unequivocally made of fail. I’m not homophobic at all, but it should be fairly easy to assume that when you go speed dating, there shouldn’t be a gay man on the other side of your table. Except last year, that clearly wasn’t the case.

Well, to be fair, Kodomo proved to be a more successful event in terms of following a 1:1 male to female ratio or better, but just barely. With less participants that evening and with me being more concerned with hanging out with Moon than actually bothering with the actual speed dating, my interest in participating as one of the guys rapidly waned. The night started off with 8:6, but when I left, it became 7:6, and then one last female arrived, making it 7:7. It wasn’t quite the 15:15 ratio everyone was hoping for, but hey, at least there was a perfect ratio between men and women, although a truly successful speed dating event normally has a 1:2 ratio between men and women.

So yeah, I bowed out of the proceedings and didn’t participate as one of the speed daters anymore. I wasn’t really keen on doing it, I’ve done it already a year ago, I didn’t really feel the need to, and I just went mostly to support Moon and her friend. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to figure somehow in the speed dating event, because I instead volunteered to co-host the event with Moon. From there, I had a ton and a half of fun simply because hosting the event was a lot more enjoyable than being one of the speed daters that night, at least for me.

With recent recollections of “My Amnesia Girl” playing in the guys’ heads, I poked fun at the fact that Moon was my co-host and for any of the John Lloyd wannabe’s out there, it would be a good idea not to try to hit on her, especially since she was taken. I think some people mistakenly thought she was my girlfriend, which we laughed off, but for the most part, our rapport with the small group of daters was pretty good. They were responsive about a few minutes into the truths and lie game (Tell three statements about yourself. One of them must be false. Someone will guess which is which.), especially when we started talking about this particular girl who actually likes firing ranges. That sure intimidated some of the guys.

I think a lot of the guys were intimidated more when they found out she was a lawyer. In fact, three of the ladies that night were all lawyers.

Having said all that, it was enjoyable just watching them interact with each other while I swapped stories with Moon, as she has been flat-out blooming ever since I reconnected with her late last year. She’s happy with her new beau, she’s enjoying life in general, and she’s even about to start a new job to finally wash away the bad taste of her previous employer. With random jokes being thrown about that night courtesy of yours truly, the people were relaxed just enough to really enjoy the speed dating event for what it is: a chance to let your hair down first, and a chance to find someone new second.

At some point, I decided to join a few tables just to sit and chat with some of the ladies, and yeah, I did end up sitting in front of two lawyers after everything has been said and done. That actually helped, because it was great talking to them as they really did have very interesting points of view, and one of them unloaded baggage by talking about guys who play games by being mean to her yet secretly liking her in turn.

She then asked me, “how do you break the pattern of girls liking men who are jerks?”

My dear, if I ever knew that, you think I’d ever resent being “too nice?” Unfortunately, it has been the case far too often that jerks excite the Unicorn Effect, as it feels like such a challenge for any woman to “tame” this man. Unfortunately, more often than not, this stuff really just leads to disaster anyways.

After the event, I left after talking to the organizers, as they thanked me for hosting the event. Personally, I’d rather thank them. They saved me 600 bucks by having me host the event instead of take part in it. I think the event started being more fun when I realized I wasn’t going to have to shell out for it. But maybe that’s just me. =P


skysenshi said...

“how do you break the pattern of girls liking men who are jerks?”

um. some of them become lesbians. but that's such a wrong reason to become one. XD (teka baka awayin ako ng political lesbians because i favor ones who are born lesbians.)

Marcelle said...

@skysenshi: Honestly, I've run into enough women who really don't know what they want (And men, too, but I'm trying to make a point.). They say they want a nice guy, but then tell the guy he's "too nice". They say they don't want the bad guy, but they feel it's such a challenge to change them.

Anonymous said...

Hi marcelle. I was the girl who asked you that question. I think I figured it out. Some guys are jerks because they think they can get away with it. Its a ploy to make the girls notice them. I was a fool to fall for it all this time. I like your blog. More Power to you