Sunday, March 23, 2008

The REAL Campus Radio Is Back...

First of all, Happy Easter, everyone!

.:Campus FM 99.5 Is On The Airwaves:.

It's the same old brand new Campus FM, as we see that the talented jocks formerly from Barangay "Hell-S" 97.1 are now on 99.5!

To my friends John Hendrix and JayBee, I'm really happy for you guys, and here's hoping you tear it up over the airwaves! It's about time you got your chance to strut your stuff and not be held back by a retarded radio format.

I'm really elated for them, and the sheer excitement I'm feeling right now makes me realize how much I *still* love radio after all these years. I'm especially proud of JayBee, knowing how hard she's been working for this.

.:In Other News...:.

It would appear that other than WAVE and Magic, all the other Radio Partners stations have been reformatting here and there already. Though I may have some choice words for WAVE, you gotta give them credit for their longevity.

At the same time, with my teaching options severely jeopardized by the Dr. Angeles situation, you never know... I just might turn up on air again sooner than you think, in places you might not quite expect.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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