Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Remember Curriculum Planning So Well...

.:Unintentional Comedy In Reedley:.

The thing is, we had a curriculum planning in Reedley a few weeks ago at Club Filipino. Since I normally show up in school half-day on Thursdays, I didn't think I'd end up part of the planning, which meant since the whole English department (except for myself)was going to be out, that would've made me the de facto "head" of the English department.

I was bemused at the prospect of being "boss" for a day, with not a single person under my direct supervision. It was a vestigial, if not comical, opportunity, but then I was told that I had to go to the curriculum planning even if I'd show up in the afternoon.

So with my hopes of being the de facto OIC completely dashed, I asked Ms. Estrada for the venue again, and this is where I became the butt of their jokes throughout academic planning...

Ma'am, the planning will be held at Casino Filipino, right?

Ms. Bilo, the Grade School academic head, turned to Ms. Estrada and told her...

Ms. Estrada, I think Mr. Fabie should file a leave, because he seems to be going somewhere else for curriculum planning.

Apparently, it was going to be at Club Filipino, not Casino Filipino. Wouldn't it have been hilarious as Hades if I went to Casino Filipino and asked them when they were going to the poker tables? =P

In any case, that was quite an amusing moment, and chalk one more up for a moment with Reedley that I'd never forget.

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