Monday, March 10, 2008


.:No Students = No Excitement:.

Other than hearing that August and May are an item now, I'm really just bored to tears here at work.

I'm just thankful I managed to scrape through my paper for Mr. Calasanz, That's what really kept me occupied the past week, so now, I can breathe...

.:New Friends...:.

Met up with some of Elbert's friends from Ateneo, including a guy named Arvin, who was such an excellent person to perform for. He's "better than a girl" for magic, really, since he's very appreciative and all.

Nonetheless, what was really amazing about it was the fact that I did a reading for him, and based on the reading, I was pretty accurate with a lot of the things I got from the cards... it was one of the more uncanny moments where I was on a roll.

This was made even more amusing by the fact that he spoke to me like he was some RPG character, something along the lines of "Thank you very much, Marcelle, the bearer of glad tidings!"

Ah, well.

.:Sound Tripping:.

I love the fact that I have a nice, loud speaker that I get to use. It really lets me listen to my songs, and given how small and portable it is, it's a really cool little wonder.


mae said...

Correction Mr. Fabie, me and august aren't together. Oh and the spelling of my name is MAE not MAY. I haven't been your student just for like a few days, you forget how to spell my name na. :))

Marcelle said...

The better to draw a reaction from you, right? :D