Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On The Edge Of My Seat...

.:Did I Pass? Did I Fail?:.

Dammit, I don't know!

I felt like I went through the wringer during my orals with Dr. Angeles, but the relief came that I got an A- from my last quiz. Even then, everything's up in the air.

I pray I got a B. I really do, because I can't afford to fail her class and take the subject again.

.:The Radio Bug. It Burns!:.

With each passing day, the allure of going back to radio just dominates me...

.:Finally, Something Happens!:.

Apparently, the Sumilao farmers and SMC are brokering a deal. Even though the specifics of this deal are still unknown at the moment, I have to say that it's about time a deal is being brokered.

Say what you want about the Catholic church, but I think it's good that Cardinal Rosales took it upon himself to really help make this possible. The farmers have suffered for far too long already. It's time they got what they deserved.

In the middle of the ZTE brouhaha, it's good the Sumilao farmers don't get neglected to the wayside.

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