Saturday, March 15, 2008

Before The Weekend For Me...

.:Yes, I'm Booked Twice Today!:.

Not to mention the fact that I'm actually meeting the JGL as well tonight. As you can tell, I'm rather chuffed about all this.

.:Good Luck To The Yuppie Dazers!:.

Ms. Martinez, Ms. Chan, Ms. Dela Cruz, and Mr. Vengco, enjoy yourselves there, guys, and don't do anything I won't. ;)

.:I Found This Rather Thoughtful, Really...:.

So a student gave me this book last Monday...

I'm really touched that Gaita gave me this book, to be honest. It's very useful, although the fact remains that my Beloved speaks Fookien, not Mandarin. Still, the book is a nice gateway into a new language, because there are so many phrases you can really put to use. It's not really a book about flirting in Chinese, if you look at the book closely enough. More appropriately, it's a book about key Chinese phrases that you could put to good use in real life, including the opportunity to get to know people.

I'm thoroughly determined to learn a few languages before I die, and Chinese would be fairly high up on my list of priorities, along with German, Korean, and Japanese.

Thanks again, Gaita! Awesome book, and very tongue-in-cheek, at that!

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gaita said...

haha you're very welcome sir. :P