Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finally, A Sigh Of Relief...

.:And They're Off:.

I had an overnight at the Chua residence last weekend, and despite running jokes because of my interaction with the eldest Chua sister during the last party, this particular meeting of the minds proved to be a more subdued one.

Sure, there were jokes galore, what with Mario there, and we went on a mini sound trip courtesy of Derren Onizuka (My new PSP. Yes, it has a name.), and we had interesting talks all around. It was a fairly hectic day since Sacha and Wayne were packing, and Jessica (Wayne's daughter.) was very intelligent and endearing all at the same time. Lately, I rarely do magic for friends and kind of downplay it unless I'm booked or something, but an audience as appreciative as Jessica cannot be left disappointed. :)

Well, Ranulf and I were the only two who slept over, but Diane, Mark, and Mario were also part of the entourage who saw the three off as they went back to Canada.

I was especially amused by the fact that the minute "High School Musical" started playing on the DVD player, Jessica rolled her eyes. Apparently, the girl has seen the bloody film five hundred times too many already. That pretty much cut our midnight movie marathon since my other DVD wasn't playing anything, and the previous one had PG-13 movies which, while of course tame, is not tame enough for a 9-year old.

At the airport, the merry bunch just bonded with each other, really. I'm awfully happy that we got to spend the time, and that Sacha will be back for Diane's wedding this August.

Godspeed to you guys!

.:Question Marks Answered:.

As a friend, I'm of the laissez faire type. For the most part, I'm rather low-maintenance, as while I do lean on my friends when things are not going too well, I have enough variety (Except in El's case, or my Beloved. The former, because we're practically neighbors. The latter because, well, she's my Beloved.) to not particularly burden one friend or another too much.

That being said, just because I rarely step in to tell you if you're doing something wrong doesn't mean I don't care. I actually do, but I just don't feel it would be particularly helpful if I imposed my thoughts upon you unsolicited, particularly since you are my friend, and I do have an implicit amount of trust that you know what you're doing.

At the end of it all, I feel I was right in having a little more faith in her judgment. I'd be the last person to care about an age gap between couples (As long as the younger one in question isn't jailbait, that is.) so long as they're happy, and I can safely say I haven't seen her this happy in a long time.

If only for that, I'd like to thank him for taking good care of one of my best friends. I may come off as a delinquent best friend, but prayers do change a lot of things, and I'm happy where they stand at present...

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