Monday, March 31, 2008

And Now, Unemployment...


My Beloved passed by the house again. I dread the day she starts preparing for her board exams... I don't know how I'd possibly see her by then...

.:How Weird Is This?:.

Yesterday's graduation proved to be a really awesome one, marking my official last day with Reedley.

I've said my goodbyes already, so I don't need to retread that.

But now, I'm officially unemployed, and still clueless where I'll be off to afterwards.

.:I'm Not Even Remotely Amused...:.

It was your last day, and there's this person you know that you wanted to say goodbye to properly, and maybe even thank them for everything.

The moment was perfect. It's not like there's much chance you'd ever meet each other again afterwards, anyway.

Yet lo and behold, you actually get ignored and brusquely brushed off.

Well, you've pulled your share. It's time to leave that all behind because you just wanted to make sure things were okay. If anyone else wanted otherwise, well, meh.

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