Monday, January 24, 2011

Backblog: Despedida Night!

.:Despedida Night!:.

It was a nice party a couple of weeks ago with the Nuffies as we hung out in honor of Patty and Dani, who are embarking on their own endeavours in the near future. V8 served as the scene of the crime as we put our musical chops to the test in a free-for-all videoke night.

It started off with a riot as I hitched with Judd and as our convoy went off to V8, he started screaming through his open window at the top of his lungs, “We’re going to videoke!” It was so loud, he ended up being stopped by the traffic officer, who thankfully didn’t reprimand him or anything, but thought he may be having an emergency or something. He waved us off when we told him that we weren’t, but for a moment, we thought that Judd was gonna end up getting a ticket or something for public disturbance or whatever trumped-up charge the visibly annoyed enforcer could come up with.

As soon as we got there, everyone was clamouring for food, and the minute the food arrived, Judd barely managed to take photos for his blog when the whole group of Nuffies just came down on the food like a plague of locusts. It was gone before we even realized we were out of food already.

The night was then filled with song and merriment, although I elicited some weird looks when I sang “Di Ako Bakla” by Michael V, and then I attempted to redeem myself by singing some Take That, Rico Blanco, Lou Pardini, and of course, the piece de resistance, High School Musical, as performed by yours truly and the inimitable Denise Cua.

Overall, this was a great sendoff to two of our most beloved Nuffies, although come to think of it, every single Nuffie is beloved, one way or another. One can only hope that wherever they find themselves in, they will meet more success, prosperity, and happiness, because such things couldn’t happen to nicer people than Patty and Dani.

We’ll miss you guys! Don’t forget us when your name is up there in lights, mmkay?

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