Friday, January 14, 2011

Ophiuchus: The Zodiac Riddle

.:Ophiuchus: The Zodiac Riddle:.

Nation, according to certain news items, there should now be thirteen zodiac signs instead of twelve. It’s funny how most people who strongly identify with a particular Zodiac sign feel an identity crisis being assigned to a different one all of a sudden. One moment, you’re a Virgo, the next, you’re suddenly a Leo. The change was jarring, and even those who only have a passing interest in astrology certainly did a double-take upon hearing about this news.

But wait, the astrologers are not pleased that the astronomers are stepping into their territory! So out comes some of the most prominent names in astrology, essentially telling the astronomers that the star signs were based on seasons, not on constellations. That being said, they maintain that the zodiac signs will indeed remain the same. It doesn’t matter if Pluto is no longer a planet, and thus, all astrological calculations involving it have become obsolete: as far as they’re concerned, this doesn’t change anything. Heaven forbid they stop with their set patterns about the random bits and pieces of people’s lives, neatly fitting them into twelve different categories. Surely, a thirteenth category would throw everything out of balance, and isn’t good numerology at all. Thirteen is generally considered an unlucky number, whilst twelve is considered the number of organization. Surely, we can’t stand by having an unlucky number guiding the fortunes of the billions of people in this world, right?

Thus, a battle has been waged between the paragons of science, and the paragons of truthiness. It’s an epic, titanic clash of the mind and the gut, and ultimately, the astrologers hold sway by default because it’s highly unlikely that the astronomers would carry this whole mess through and actually create new horoscopes for Ophiuchus, right? If the astrological community would simply refuse to incorporate the thirteenth star sign, then it’s easy to realize that nothing’s going to really change.

This massive confusion at the moment has a few people instead running to the Chinese zodiac for guidance, although yours truly is perturbed since he falls under the year of the Boar, and it becomes especially awkward for myself when I find myself going out with someone who’s year of the Rat. The business of the stars and the planets is rather serious, and anything but the utmost precision will be tolerated for these people who freely choose to cede their free will to the powers of the stars. Because really, nothing says living your life than following what your horoscope tells you to do for the day.

Then again, personally, I’m not really a superstitious person at all. According to my horoscope, we Librans don’t subscribe to that silly horoscope tripe.


Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

It's worth noting that "astronomers" is actually code for "one guy from Minnesota trying to raise money to build a planetarium and therefore possibly interested in getting his society's name in newspapers"

skysenshi said...

If we're going to go with the seasons thing...naman! Climate change ha! It's like we only have two seasons now...Devastating and less devastating.

Although I can't accept that I'm Aquarius, I'm reading up on it. LOL!