Tuesday, January 04, 2011

DK Hilarity And POC Madness

.:Disenchanted Hilarity:.

Monday night, I swung by the DK for the first time in 2011, and it ended up being quite a laugh trip, as they touched on the whole 12/12/12 bit, and then things took an interesting turn when I mentioned that I’m not so keen on looking because I recently met someone, and our timeline doesn’t look too favourable to 12/12/12.

Now, while we were talking about that stuff and while they grilled me about this new development, I receive a text message from this person in question, and it turns out, she was listening the whole time. I promptly turned red with embarrassment, and then blushed even more when it turned out that she found the whole thing cute.

She even compared the whole scenario to something that could only happen in the movies, although I have to say, the movies have nothing on this. It was overall pretty amusing as KDL promptly shifted gears and tried to build me up while she was listening to the whole fiasco right then and there.

Oh, KDL. Never change!

So after the show, we kicked back a bit and I found out that during the part where we did a bit of mind-reading, Alodia was actually listening! That being said, I figure now is a good time to share with you that bit of mind-reading we did last night...

Think of a single-digit number. Multiply it by 3, then multiply it by 3 again. Afterwards, add the digits of your answer together, then subtract 5. If A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on, what letter is represented by the number you are now thinking of?

Now, with that letter, think of a country that begins with that letter.

Think of an animal that starts with the second letter of that country.

What is the colour of the animal?

Now, with you thinking of all that, I need to just ask you one question...

Do you realize that there are no gray elephants in Denmark?

.:The Fabucelles Yearender!:.

So... after a year of crazy showbiz happenings, Fabucelles on The POC has come up with his very own Top 10 list of showbiz news-grabbers. Quite an interesting list, to say the least, but I have to admit that the first part, what with 1:43 in it, is way better.

Anyways, there. Enjoy!


skysenshi said...

I dropped by your POC article. LOL. I wonder if people understand the sarcasm. (And if you get flak from being misunderstood.) Hahahaha!

Kel Fabie said...

I've had anti-GMA people crucify me for my "undying support" of our beloved president. :P