Friday, January 07, 2011

Sugarfree Disbanding, And More Philo-Sophizing...

.:Smooth Sailing:.

Got home early and met up with a friend along Katipunan, along with her mom, her sister, and a couple of their friends from Fordham who were in town. We had a very interesting time, considering how much cultural exchange happened within our conversations, aside from the requisite metal-bending I had to do for everyone, by Sophie’s request.

It was pretty funny, too, because shortly after talking about Filipino stereotypes of Caucasian foreigners, I walked back home with Sophie in tow and finally got to introduce her to my mom, who just quietly smiled at me while they made acquaintance with each other. Sophie gushed how young my mom looked and she was shocked to find out that my mom is already middle-aged but certainly doesn’t look it at all.

Shortly afterwards, I walked her to McDonald’s where her mom picked her up for them to go home, and I was all smiles for the rest of the evening, knowing how well things turned out.

Anyways, I'll tell you more next time, but I have dinner with her and a couple other people, so... ciao!

.:Heart-Breaking News...:.

Ebe Dancel has declared he is leaving Sugarfree at the end of February.

As a big fan of the group, and having caught their Dekada concert in Music Museum, this is devastating news to me. At gigs, I only ever catch Sugarfree, Itchworms, Radioactive Sago, Giniling Festival, and soon, Tanya Markova. That’s one less band for me to probably go to if this happens, and I feel really bad about it, although I can’t really blame him if he’s launching himself into a bigger solo career or something now.

Was it unexpected? Not really. Ebe has the chops to make it on his own, and we're not really sure what happens to the band afterwards, although it's clear that they will continue without Ebe. I hope that they still meet success even with a new lead singer, and I hope that if Ebe goes solo, he would also meet success as well.

It wasn't unexpected, but certainly, it's sad news.

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