Monday, January 31, 2011

Randomicity At Three In The Morning...

.:A Storm Of Commentary:.

I’ve been having some moments of inspiration while writing for The POC lately, so I managed to cover Noynoy’s new Porsche as well as the Big Bad Blogger.

On the showbiz front, my good friend, Fabucelles, came up with an inimitable take on the disbanding of Bamboo and the departure of Ebe from Sugarfree. Pretty interesting stuff, and I’m at a point where more and more, I do want to take some of my commentary onscreen because I know I can pull it off.

.:An Innnnnteresting Development:.

There’s always been a saying from Eric Bischoff that goes, “controversy creates cash.” Admittedly, I’ve pussyfooted my way around this for so long, being squeaky-clean in my forays on radio, and in most of the things I do, including this blog, which has always remained decidedly PG at worst.

But then, certain things have happened that have made me realize that I didn’t reach for the brass ring when I should have, or I didn’t aid the people who deserved it more to reach for the brass ring. Instead, what we’re left with is a case of prime mover advantage and gross misrepresentation as we end up looking at one of the worst injustices in my book for those in my line of work. I find it rather sad, even criminal, that we are entering an age where a mediocre hack could actually end up becoming the premiere representative our illustrious industry.

As a guy who doesn’t really like rejection, working behind the scenes has always proved to be something I like doing. I’m well aware of the price one pays to be in the spotlight, and quite honestly, I’m not very willing to pay it. If I could play kingmaker instead and catapult someone into stardom on the back of being their consultant or the like, you just know I would do it. That is, if I feel that the person is indeed worthy of my support.

But what if they’re not? And what if there appears to be nobody in a prime position to take things there? Then I guess that’s the point where I have to really reach for the brass ring somehow, and make sure that things remain all right in the world.

It’s about damned time, really, and this time, I’m cutting loose and not holding back the way I normally do. If I’m going to idolize Penn and Teller, I need to be more brash, more of a loose cannon, more... dare I say it, controversial than I have ever been in the industry. And all for the value of reminding people that the best choices aren’t always the most readily available ones.

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