Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Manila Bulletin's Night To Remember

.:Manila Bulletin’s Unparalleled Night For Bloggers:.

A whole new dimension. Picture courtesy of Wild About Retail.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but nobody expected Manila Bulletin to make a memorable night for the bloggers happen as well last November.

With the Picasso Boutique serving as the venue, with Hannah and Vince, and with prizes galore to give away, the bloggers were extremely excited to hear what the Philippines’ leading newspaper had to say, and boy, was it a blockbuster of a night.

So you know that the 3D newspapers are out there for everyone to get already, right? Well, what you might not know is that Manila Bulletin has a special app you can download for your iPhone or iPad so you can access the news with the touch of your fingertips. It’s pretty awesome, actually, as Manila Bulletin has demonstrated how ahead of the curve they are when it comes to technology.

Nonetheless, the festivities of the night really got the bloggers pumped up, and in a rare occasion, some of my very good friends, such as Abby and birthday boy Marf, actually showed up to an event, whereas neither person would normally go. I guess this was, indeed, a worthy exception.

That night, an acoustic duo performed and sang some great covers and originals, and they really made the ladies swoon. They were so in demand that had it not been for the men in attendance, the females would have just forgotten all about the awesome prizes to give away and just begged the guys to keep serenading them.

And speaking of the awesome prizes, oh my! First, they raffled off some designer shades and a few gadgets, but soon enough, things started getting more interesting as they awarded the last three major prizes on a dare each. That spiced up the night quite a lot, and everyone had a great time with it.

Overall, this event definitely lived up to the hype, and all things considered, I’m glad that I was there, because it definitely was made of awesome.

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