Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 52 (4/52): Antipara - The Itchyworms

.:Project 52 (4/52): Antipara – The Itchyworms:.

Let me tell you a not-really-a secret about myself: I am a huge fan of the OPM scene, especially when it comes to bands. And in my list, the Itchyworms is easily among my favourite groups.

During a time where music was all about heavy riffs, near-growing vocals, and incredibly serious lyrics, the Itchyworms came in as everything the popular scene wasn’t: insanely radio-friendly, harmonizing voices, playful lyrics, and even a whimsical air to their musicality. Despite that, they definitely found quite a following because these four guys were simply great musicians who loved doing what they do, and it showed in their craft.

I know Itchyworms personally and have even had the honor of opening for them during one of their gigs in the past. It was quite an experience, and truth be told, I’m a big fan of a lot of their songs, especially “Love Team” mainly because the music video featured Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. I think overall, I really love their style and the way their songs can tackle pretty much any topic but at no point does it ever get too heavy. There’s always a whimsical air to their music that keeps it light and breezy no matter what the subject matter is, and it’s the perfect mix between being dramatic and being fun-loving.

This song in particular was one of their earlier hits, and one of my personal favourites, simply because it really has that kind of riff to it that just makes you think it’s such an upbeat song – until you begin to listen to the lyrics. And that’s when it sets in just what kind of lyrical masters the ‘Worms really are, as they weave a very intriguing tale of a person who’s already so blind to the world, yet still refuses to wear glasses of any sort. Obviously very metaphorical, kind of the opposite of ignorance is bliss, saying that when the pain is there but you’re too blind to it, you may as well open your eyes, because behind those glasses, those tears aren’t going to be nearly as easy to see.

It seems the past two weeks has been about blindness and refusing to see what’s plainly there to see. I guess it can’t be helped, considering how the past few weeks have exactly been how it’s been for me. Truth be told, I have this feeling that perhaps, burning certain bridges has been the smartest thing I have ever done in years. After being an emotional punching bag, after being badmouthed behind my back, after everything that has been said and done, this was one time I don’t quite think I’ve ever been able to forgive, and I just kept looking the other way while hurt after hurt has been piled on.

But I’m getting too deep into this, and it’s not really a good idea to associate one of my favourite songs with a lousy two-bit excuse for a “friend”. The Itchyworms have always been reliable for good music and great times, so you can be sure that over the year, there will definitely be more of the same for these guys, to say the least.

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