Friday, July 10, 2009

Comedy And Srs Bizns

.:A Bro Code Realization:.

So after Stanley Chi has poked fun over “FLAMES” with my name and Achie’s, and after he’s used me a bunch of other times for his punchlines recently, I suppose it’s fair enough payback since I sorta ruined his “stylings” last Monday at Spicy Fingers. ;)

Having said that, catch the upcoming show from Mike and Stanley on TV5, July 19, 5:30 PM. It’s called “Front Act”, and it promises to be a load of fun.

Hope you like the preview! I’m stoked to see what these two have up their sleeve.

.:Deep Thinking:.

So last night’s open mic went well, especially since there’s a possibility for more opportunities to do open mic thanks to G.B. coming back after a long hiatus from standup. It was the first time I met him, but I found his set pretty cool, to say the least.

Anyways, after the set, we had our usual discussions with each other afterwards, but one thing that stood out was the conversation Drei and I had while we were in a cab on our way home. I guess it did really make me think about how the media really can set the agenda, and thus, it’s really easy to call attention to things and to bury others at the same time.

Discussions of how good Marcos and GMA were as opposed to Cory were undertaken, and I really got to thinking about her points, particularly with the potentiality of an artificially inflated population on paper in order to achieve city status for certain locales who would like the funding. When you think about the possibility that there are in reality only 75 million Filipinos as opposed to 90 million, it does make you think sometimes...

Are we all truly shackled by an oligopoly that doesn’t present us with any genuine choices to speak of?

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