Friday, July 17, 2009

Storm? Ha! I S.P.I.T. At You!

.:Dropping By WAVE...:.

Swung by WAVE 89.1 in the morning before dropping by the people upstairs in RX to say hi to my friend, Alodia, who guested along with her sister, Ashley, for the Morning League's "Talk Of Fame".

Only then did I find out that not only was Eri trying to see if he can get into the Comedy Cartel, he already is a member of Silly People's Improv Theater. Hmm... very interesting, indeed.

Anyways, the interview was fun, and I ended up having to coach them as to who the Yuti Yatballs were supposed to be during their controversial skit in Toycon the last time out... heh.

.:Mag:Net Overruled Toyz For One Night Due To The Weather...:.

Image courtesy of Judd Sta. Maria.

While open mic night happens every Thursday at Toyz Cafe, I had no choice but to miss out on it because the weather conditions were just particularly prohibitive, and no taxi driver wanted to go around town with their meters on.

Having said that, I decided to instead catch S.P.I.T. that night with my colleague, Judd, even if the other people from the Cartel who wanted to watch were obviously forced to stay in due to the rain instead.

Since we worked at Bonifacio High Street, it wasn't particularly difficult to get to the venue. Mag:Net was just a stone's throw away, so I was really keen on seeing how improv is in the country, what with me having very fond memories of Drew Carey's "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

The night was quite an interesting one, as I saw how quick-witted the members of S.P.I.T. could really get, and this was especially highlighted during the last segment of the show, where one of the performers said something so funny/disturbing, it took the audience a few seconds before it sank in what they just heard. You just had to be there to appreciate it.

To compare this brand of comedy to that of the Cartel would be rather unfair. It's all apples and oranges. That being said, I'd definitely love to drop by their shows, happening every Thursday nights at Mag:Net Katips and Mag:Net BHS... if it weren't for the fact that we do open mic at Toyz Cafe every Thursday night, all the same. Well, what can I say? It was an enjoyable night to watch the people of Silly People's Improv Theater strutting their stuff, as nebulous as the performance last night may have been.

Well, if you're in the area for either set of performers, then feel free to give it a shot. It's definitely going to be a great experience for you either way. =)

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