Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Evaluating The SONA That Was...

.:Rhetorics Do Not A Strong Republic Make:.

By now, most of you have heard the gist of GMA's "last" SONA. Notwithstanding any jokes about her fashion sense and how she looks like Barney or GriMAce, I think that her speech left a lot to be desired.

I remember the numerous potshots, the inane amount of applause breaks, the misplaced pride in the BPO industry, and the fact that she never really categorically stated that she's done with politics at the end of her term. There's so much to be worried about when it comes to her words, considering how nebulous she can be, and how she's gone back on her own word before, using God as an excuse.

In the end, I don't remember anything worth lauding about her speech. It was classless, tactless, and even the hoopla about more sin taxes in lieu of book taxes didn't make me feel the least bit reassured, since we all know where those taxes go to, anyways.

I don't really have much to say about the SONA. It is what it is: a pat on the back of the administration, ignoring the numerous issues hurled at it, dismissing all of it merely as posturing or politicking. As much as we'd all like to believe the good things she's had to say, the sophomoric attempts at comebacks against her critics has proven that she still wants to fight. Fight for what? Her term is about to end. Should we not feel a bit worried that she's still snapping at her adversaries' heels instead of just sitting back and letting her last few months in office speak for themselves? I find myself rather unimpressed, and even slightly annoyed over the smug tone of the entire speech, less a report about how the country was doing and more a shill job of the worst kind.

Sometimes, I wonder if her SONA would've been more entertaining if we simply added a at the end of every sentence. After all, if you want anything you write online sound positively dirty, all you have to do is add that.

Let's see how that works... "To those who wish to become president, one piece of advice: if you want something done, just do it. Do it yourself, do it hard!"

Yeah, I think that works just about right.

Puro palakpak, pero puro naman palpak.

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