Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mag:Net Tomorrow Night, And Last Saturday's Steet Magic Tour...

.:Mag:Net Katipunan, Thursday Night - The Story Circle Show!:.

The Story Circle showcase is happening at Mag:Net Katipunan on July 30, 9PM! Watch yours truly perform standup, along with Nomer the mentalist, stage magician Carl, bizarre fakir Sam, contact juggler Mark, and closeup magician Anthony! Tickets only 150 pesos each!

.:My Second Tour Of Duty... Beset By Bizarro World:.

So I had my second street magic tour in Robinson’s Forum last Saturday, and to say that it was a weird day would be quite the understatement.

It was amusing, really. I performed for the tables mainly at McDonald’s, and in the middle of having crowd-drawing performances throughout the day, I was “invited for questioning” by mall security, which confounded me to no end.

Upon arrival at the security office, I was being grilled by the security personnel as to what I was doing in the al fresco dining area, and why I was performing magic there, and I was nothing short of incredulous at what was going on.

I calmly explained myself: I was hired by Robinson’s to perform street magic for the mall, and I couldn’t understand how they seem to have missed that fact. This is rather amusing when you consider that on our way to the security office, I was pointing out multiple posters that announced that a street magician was going to be performing in the mall that day. I think common sense died a little that day, but I took it all in stride. More stuff to write about for future use, I guess.

It took the intervention of my client before the security personnel reluctantly let me go, albeit to their credit, they were very apologetic over the lapse in judgment. To me, I just found it quite confounding that they didn’t even understand that it was my business to be there and doing my schtick, what with the many posters heralding my presence as an actual “attraction” for that particular day.

Aside from that, I was even asked to do some readings for a few people, as well as a children’s party. Yes. On the spot. The people from McDonald’s asked me if I was willing to perform for a few minutes for their children’s party, and I, being bored since the crowd outside was practically nonexistent at the time, was all too happy to oblige. Considering how nice the employees of McDo were to me the whole time, it was the least I could do for them.

Here’s hoping that this is the start of a regular engagement. I’m fairly excited about the possibilities now.

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Unknown said...

Small things done with love start the flow of really wonderful things.

Good luck! Make the kids love you!