Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Cartel News...

.:Cartel Shenanigans:.

I sorta missed last Monday's show, so I ended up checking out the Tuesday night showcase at Toyz cafe the other night, where I saw a lot of awesome comedians performing new material, including some socially relevant stuff that not only made me laugh but made me applaud in approval.

Last Thursday, I managed to have a pretty good set, owing to a very lively and participative crowd who gave me all the love in the world. It was a particularly enjoyable experience for me as well, since I pulled hosting duties for last Thursday’s open mic night.

Last Saturday was Mike’s “Renegade Assault” show at Conspiracy bar. Needless to say, nothing’s better than seeing Mike go for over an hour doing what he does best. Derf was still on fire that night, too, but Mike’s Voltes V bit was easily the highlight of the night for me. I was really in stitches hearing that one. That night, LC De Leon of Reklamo was also a performer, and that Christmas song he performed was sheer hilarity.

This Monday, it was such a good crowd, Tim Tayag was firing on all cylinders, and Alex Calleja’s set about the SONA was heaven.

The Cartel is hitting its stride pretty well right now, so you just know that their upcoming November show in Music Museum is bound to be one for the books.

And, oh, keep on watching Mike and Stan's show, “Front Act”, every Sunday, 5:30 PM, on TV5. If you don't, Stanley will never let me hear the end of the fact that I was doing a show last Sunday when I should've been watching their pilot episode.

Speaking of my set...

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