Friday, July 31, 2009

A Night For The Ages...


The Story Circle Show (Not The Sharon Cuneta Show. LOL.) was a show in Mag:Net Katipunan last night that featured a powerhouse cast of performers:

1. Markgic, the contact juggler who has made a name for himself in talent searches on television.

2. Sam, the pain endurance expert whose demonstrations are just too freaky for words

3. Andres, a comedy close-up magician who is a cut above the rest, and is capable of entertaining and amazing people at the same time.

4. Nomer, the Charlatan who can read mines like nobody's business.

5. Carl, the youngest stage magician in the Philippines.

And of course, yours truly, performing standup comedy to tickle your funny bones.

The show was very well-received by the people who went, and I have to thank my good friends Drei, Noel, and Richie especially, who actually performed some standup as well.

Here's hoping we get to do this next month, and I must say, this was simply the best standup set I've ever had since I started. :)

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