Thursday, September 09, 2010

.:252/365: The Leodini Blog:.

Leodini’s blog is always an excellent read not just because it talks about magic in general, but mainly because the advice and insights his blog provides has been consistently helpful and useful.

I’ve been reading his blog for at least a couple of years, and the advice you get from his blog is unbelievable. You will never be at a loss for great ideas, cool things to do and to ponder upon. Also, despite clearly being against wanton exposure by other magicians, he doesn’t hesitate to explain the workings of a given magic trick every now and then if it allows him to make a more important point.

I’ve sung Leodini’s praises enough times for you to know that this man is really someone worth listening to. Don’t let his deceptively good looks fool you: there’s a lot going on underneath the veneer that he allows people to see, only if they look hard enough.

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