Monday, September 06, 2010

Project 365 (249/365): Nate Marx

.:249/365: Nate Marx:.

Nate Marx is a magician and a mentalist hailing from General Santos. One of the few people insane enough to consider me a mentor of sorts, his passion for magic is unrivalled, and it shows in his writing, and his desire to better himself both as a performer, and as a contemporary, working with other performers along the way, even merely through online correspondence.

While it would certainly be a great honor to be onstage with Nate one of these days, I think it’s more than enough of an honor that he has regarded me as one of the luminaries of the local mentalism scene, but really, this kid has everything he needs to make it big. His new blog has excellent ideas, but if you could find his old one, the way he writes there just really impresses me. It’s a rarity in the local magic world for us to find someone this eloquent, so having someone like Nate becoming an online ambassador for Philippine magic is a definite plus in my book.

Do check his blog out, and say “hi” to him for me. Tell him I sent you. :P

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