Friday, September 24, 2010

Project 365 Smorgasbord (267-269): Twitter Follow Friday Part 3

.:267/365: David Copperfield On Twitter:.

David Copperfield is quite popular on Twitter, especially since he recently celebrated his birthday. Of course, with very few Tweets to his name, he’s rather low-key compared to the other magicians who are also doing Twitter, but hey, no big deal, right?

The man is still the best at what he does, and at some point, he’s bound to say something memorable on Twitter, and I wanna be there for when he does.

.:268/365: Cyril Takayama On Twitter:.

Cyril Takayama is also on Twitter, and considering how he’s going around Asia a lot lately, I can’t wait for him to announce that he’s going to be back in the Philippines sometime soon.

Also, my best friend, Abby, might have the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Takayama for her job soon, and I asked her to mention to the man that I featured him on my humble blog, if ever. Should be interesting. Heh.

.:269/365: Lee Asher On Twitter:.

One of the most revered minds in magic, Lee Asher is another magician you really should be following, especially since he’s one of the people behind Theory 11, which means it’s a good idea to watch out for his stuff, to say the least.

Yes, I’m really just stretching this month until I get to October. It’s my birthday month, so sue me, I wanna take it easy.

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