Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Project 365 (258/365): The Colored Books Of Mentalism

.:258/365: The Colored Books Of Mentalism:.

Written by the ever-famous Max Maven, or as he is otherwise known, Phil Goldstein, the Colored Books Of Mentalism (I forgot which colors he used, but he used five.) is one of the most influential mentalism works for the past three decades.

Totalling 53 different, powerful mentalism effects, Max Maven’s ideas were highly sought after in his heyday as these booklets were sold separately. Many people view the physical copies of these books as true collector’s items: artifacts of a classic age in mentalism when people truly believed that mentalism was the work of the devil.

Journey into the workings of a malevolent genius, and understand precisely why Max Maven is every bit as good as people claim he is.

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