Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project 365 (257/365): Tarbell's Course In Magic

.:257/365: Tarbell’s Course In Magic:.

A compilation of eight books, Tarbell’s course is a seminal compilation of magic effects ranging the gamut of stage illusions to mentalism to coins. There really is so much ground that is covered by these eight volumes that it’s hard to imagine a book that is a denser read than Harlan Tarbell’s masterpiece.

Even though the material is somewhat dated in that it was completed way back in 1928, there is no question that his material is still useful even in this day and age, because he gets into lessons involving not just numerous effects used back then and even today, but even lessons about blocking, humor, and other performance aids that most teachers often neglect to go into.

Many magicians cite the Tarbell course as one of their biggest influences getting into magic. It’s not so difficult to see why at all.

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