Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lights Out, Kheill!

.:Turn The Lights Out!:.

Oh, yes, ladies and gentlemen. He. Is. Back.

After releasing his last but barely heard-of album in 2004, Rick Astley finally released a new single last June, and in the same month, an official video came out. As a dedicated Rick Astley fan, I must admit that I was negligent about immediately writing about it and featuring it on my blog, but negligent no more!

This song really captures the Rick Astley sound, and you can’t say a single thing about the man’s vocals. Obviously though, if there’s one gripe about it, is that there’s criminally less dancing in the video than there ought to be in a Rick Astley video.

Nonetheless, you can’t really expect the 44-year old phenom to still be dancing up a storm to this very day, especially when you realize that he was hardly doing any dancing even when he was 21 in the “Never Gonna Give You Up” video. Still, there was this awesome black dude who was doing somersaults up the walls, so maybe he could’ve hired more people to do some dancing for the song.

Up to now, there’s no news out there if he’s going to release a new album, and he seems to be having a great time in his new and unexpected career as a radio personality. If he ever does decide to have a new album, though, I think he needs to realize one thing: he needs to create a new dance craze all over again. And in the (unlikely) event he ever has a collaboration with the Wondergirls, I’m going to be all over it before you can say “monster smash hit.”

Keep on rolling, Rick Astley!

.:After An Entire Week...:.

So there we were in Nuffnang, enjoying Mystery Wednesday, watching “I Miss You Like Crazy”. While watching, we noticed a flamboyantly gay character played by Ketchup Eusebio, and Judd mentioned that he’s actually straight, merely acting convincingly enough.

Brilliant that he is, our country manager, Carlos, decided to challenge me to do the exact same thing in the office for a week. I even mentioned it on the air while I was guesting on the Disenchanted Kingdom, and the whole gang found it amusing and wished me luck.

Well, after an entire week, and after being introduced to longtime acquaintance yet brand new officemate Dani, I definitely had to keep up pretenses with much difficulty, although I’d like to think that at the end of the one-week challenge, I definitely held up my end of the bargain.

In any case, last Thursday, we had a bit of a drinking spree, and it was amusing how I saw one of my officemates get crazy drunk. Had to text her ‘till she seemed sober again, although to be fair, her spelling was still impeccable throughout, so I guess she was just fine. Crazy fun week, although yet again, my straight-edge lifestyle has been derailed. O great CM Punk, I have failed thee again.

.:Three Letters. K. E. L. Is that so hard to freaking spell?:.

Really now. I mean, the reason I picked “Kel” as an air name was that it’s so simple to spell. Three freaking letters. Aside from the fact that I always loved Kenan and Kel on Nick, it seemed like there was no way anyone could mess that up the way people would be unable to spell “Marcelle” properly since everyone expects to spell it as “Marcel”.

So imagine my surprise when I went to a restaurant to order some food, and this is the name they printed on my receipt...

Err... huh?

Did I misspeak or something? Did I sound out in a way that made them believe that there was an extra “H” to my name? Was I wearing my jejemon cap again? But that can’t be! I was wearing my suit, and I looked so respectable that day, and...

So sue me! It’s a fashionable cap!

No matter, maybe the cash register was Capampangan, which explained the extraneous “h” in the receipt, and ultimately, in Filipino pronunciation, it made no difference whether or not the “h” was in it, because we’d still pronounce it practically the same way: we don’t go out of our way to aspirate “Jhun-Jhun,” and merely pronounce it as “Jun-Jun.”

But then, the next day, I ate at the same restaurant, and guess what? They misspelled my receipt again!

Wait. How is that even possible?

I’m pretty sure that “Keil” would be pronounced like “cake,” so I don’t understand how the heck that works. Even if it were pronounced as “Kyle” or as “kill,” it would still make no sense, because I clearly said “Kel.”

Sometimes, it boggles the mind how often this happens. When people mishear “Nuffnang,” it makes all the sense in the world. But a monosyllabilic name like “Kel?” Gee, whillikers.

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