Monday, September 06, 2010

Project 365 (248/365): Derren Brown's Mysterious Stranger

.:248/365: David Blaine’s Mysterious Stranger:.

Perhaps one of the most hyped books written by a magician in the last decade, “Mysterious Stranger” is quite a sendup to magic history, and overall, an engaging read. The little armchair treasure hunt included in the book was also an excellent little touch that lent to a heightened interest in David Blaine’s book as well.

Ultimately, “Mysterious Stranger” served as a very early autobiography of David Blaine, discussing his life story, all the while discussing magic history through his own viewpoint. It’s worth buying, but you have to forego the chance to win $100,000, since someone already figured out the Treasure Hunt involved in the book.

I am eagerly awaiting the day Criss Angel tries his hand at writing his own book... if he’s even capable of writing a book, let alone writing at all.

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