Monday, January 12, 2004


.:New Year Order:.

Time to re-calibrate things... as per usual, I assume you know what this is about. I took out a few names, if only for the fact that they are either: (1) taken, (2) breaking the other rule, or (3) people I no longer meet at all.

11. Clarence Lim (down)
10. Barbie Co (new, but should've been here for the longest time.)
09. Cecil Lao (down)
08. Edenjoy Dy (down)
07. Sharleen Tan (down)
06. Jacqueline Sing (down)
05. Chiyo (up)
04. Rachel Reyes (new, way up)
03. Diane Sayo (same, even if she broke one of the two rules...)
02. Sacha Chua (same)
01. Daph Villanueva (same)

No longer in list:

Last year's 12: Cindy Mabasa (Never heard from her.)
Last year's 09: Faye Reyes (Never heard from her.)
Last year's 08: Dione Cotoco (Broke rule number two...)

Heh. Apparently, there's room for one more. Interesting.

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