Sunday, January 11, 2004

.:In No Particular Order...:.

- It's amusing indeed, but I ended up having an account in Friendster. I suppose you'd know how to find me there.

- New link: Aiz! She's an acquaintance from the Morning Rush... also, do check out THE HAPPY TREE FRIENDS.

- Sacha heard about my misreading her "bot implants" as "hot implants", and her "hippie-expanding factoids as... never mind. She had this to say: "What are you doing contemplating my anatomy, anyway?" To be honest, I sometimes wonder what, too.

- Time to get to know the other great weblogs who were also nominated in the "Best Philippine Weblog" competition. At least I wouldn't seem political now, since it's all over and done with already. :) Again, I am grateful for all the votes I have received.

- Time to make a new layout. But I'm too lazy!

.:Who Says I Don't Know How To Stalk?:.

It's not just Charlesatan who can stalk when given the opportunity. Today, I encountered not one, but two could've been CP's. One of them was manning a stall at the Calf, so I am bound to see her often enough. The other, on the other hand, was a bit more of a challenge to encounter, as she was just someone who decided to sit in the Calf with her friends that particular time. I was with my friend, Mich, and she dared me to take a picture of the person in question. I can't believe I'm girl-watching with a female friend. Haven't done that since a few months ago with Tsumenki. And Grace.

So there I was, setting myself up for a good angle to get her on my phone camera, but no dice. I decided to stand up in front of her, and get a good shot, but her friends were beginning to take notice of me. Seemingly defeated, I innocently walked in the other direction, as if to check something from what I saw on the phone, then headed back to Mich's table.

Then, Mich offers to act "on behalf of Guidon" and interview the girl.

Ah, yes. Roselle Tan, I-AB DS. Interesting how you can make use of the resources unknowingly available at your disposal, neh?

Mich was even laughing at me the last time we were at the Calf. I apparently dashed off, no, waddled off at lightning speed to greet ma'am Sining one time while I was talking to Mich.

Mich: Marcelle, I thought people could do that only on anime. I was talking to you for one moment, the next, you're gone!

Marcelle: ::sweatface::

.:And I Decided To Stay Quiet:.

I had a Philosophy paper, and I posted its contents yesterday. However, I decided against reporting in front of the class on my paper, because I didn't want to dominate the class anymore. God knows everyone's had enough of Arthur doing that , so no need for me to get into the act.

I must say, though, that Mich's insight on Job was very interesting. I didn't use it because it came from her first.

Likewise, I decided to stay quiet online as yet another issue on Otakuboard is brewing. But for the sake of not preempting any sentiments, I may as well keep quiet about it for now. Still, I'm glad the more recent one ended quite amicably, with the offending party doling out a public apology and not drawing any lines of division among the members, unlike most big controversies in the boards. That's always a good thing, neh?

My mom refuses to let me... never mind. I'll save it for next time. I'm sure most of you would agree with her, anyway.

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