Tuesday, January 20, 2004

.:Wild Horses Couldn’t Hold Me Back:.

A rash of bad luck has afflicted me, without a doubt…

It looks like I lost my sunglasses again. How many times has this happened to me? Ah, well. Nonetheless, I’m still glad over how things turned out in spite of that, as my short talk with ma’am Sining was pretty fine, albeit I guess I’d want to be able to talk more on random things with her than the requisite “What do you intend to do when you graduate” routine. Still, things were fine, in spite of that, but for the nth time, her photo wasn’t so good. I guess I need to take my phone out of the case if I want to shoot a good picture, neh?

Worse, and this is quite problematic: I appear to have quite a bad case of sore throat. Talk about absolutely bad timing. I have my Radio 1 stint today with Chico and Delamar, and I’m hampered by a sore throat. Of all misfortunes to go through… ah, well. Nonetheless, the show must go on, neh? And I certainly will.

Nonetheless, I managed to make it through my “baptism of fire”, so to speak. I’ll be damned if I didn’t give it my all in spite of the fact that my vocal range was about as wide as a street alley for two-bit one-night stands. I had a pretty deep voice and I couldn’t keep the volume up. Chico and Delle were having fun at my expense by asking me to talk during the most inopportune of times… but it was all good.

Here’re quite a few sample dialogues…

Marcelle: Our generation RX poll question’s results are in…

Delamar: Chico! Your voice has changed!

Chico: No! It’s just Marcelle, from Radio 1! Okay… now get to work!

Marcelle: “Do you agree with the new Venezuelan law being proposed to legalize minor thefts if the thief is really starving? 6% said no, but a much larger 94% disagree…

A bit later into that segment…

Chico: So get to it, Marcelle! Do your job!

Delamar: Look at him! He’s flustered!

Marcelle: Not this time, Chico. You flustered me once, not this time.

Chico: Ah! A challenge, huh?

Marcelle: You won’t fluster me again… but apparently, I can’t read your handwriting. ::everyone in the booth starts laughing::

Even later into the segment…

Marcelle: Vote now! The results will be announced tomorrow morning here on the Morning Rush!

Delamar: Why are you serious? Uuuuyyy… pa-pogi! (Uuyy… trying to look good!)

Chico: He’s Mr. Husky.

Marcelle: It’s not an act!

That was funny. There were so many other great moments there, and those text messages were just funny. Someone was asking who I was because I had such a “cool” voice. Another one was asking if “Mr. Husky will replace pretty boy (Brad)”. While I had problems managing to speak with my sore throat, everyone else was giving me props for it as though that were my ideal speaking voice. Come on… maybe the “Ultimate Bedroom Voice”, but not “Ideal Speaking Voice”. Nonetheless, I simply had fun there, and if I get better before next Tuesday, you can be sure I’d be on air on Thursday or Saturday…

Even the off-air banter was fun. I suppose I managed to really work well with the two, and I couldn't help but hope that things will be better next time I go on air (By then, I hope my voice is fine.)

A few other off-air laughs...

If someone has to be natural-born to be a legal candidate, does that mean you can't run if you're Caesarian section?

Delamar: Apparently, a person with an inverted nipple will have her nipples pop out normally when the need arises, such as for breastfeeding, except in severe cases.

Marcelle: Are boyfriends sufficient "arising needs"?


And yeah, a quick random thought on my Media Law class: it was pretty funny today, as two people came into the class looking for something they left a class or two ago, and Mr. Perez places the responsibility upon me to search for the missing items “upon my family’s honor”. Abby looks at me and rolls her eyes the first time around because the girl who walked in was CP material. Someone named Sabrina Chua, which makes me realize I have quite a tie-in with Chua’s… ah, well… and yeah, Abby was warning everyone else not to put me near cute Chinese girls with high-pitched voices and glasses, to which Darn responds with bewilderment.

Darn: Bakit glasses saka high-pitched voice? Ang sagwa kaya nun! (Why glasses and a high-pitched voice? Aren’t those awful?)

Marcelle: Okay kaya ang mataas ang boses! (High-pitched voices are okay!)

Darn: Ang sama kaya pakinggan kapag kausap mo sila! Okay lang yung Chinita, pero yung glasses saka yung boses… (It sounds bad when you talk to them! The Chinese-looking part is fine, but the glasses and the voice…)

Marcelle: Masaya kaya yung maliit na boses in the right places! (Small voices are great in the right places!) ::accompanied by a wink::

You wouldn’t want to know what Darn had to say after that…

I suppose the sequel to Abby’s first film is shaping up really well. While I do tend to get pensive from time to time being around her, I guess it’s no big deal as I can manage myself, anyway.

Lastly, my LJ has a cute new layout. Wish I can do that for my blog. ::chuckles::

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