Saturday, January 31, 2004

Fairly long post, considering how long I haven’t been around… ah, well.

.:Philosophy Can Be Funny:.

Apparently, Mr. Bulaong couldn’t help but keep up the notion that debaters are an inferior class to philosophers. While I’m not too inclined to disagree, one has to realize the fact that I’m not really that much of a debater, per se, if only for the consideration that I never really made it to varsity to begin with, nor did I really win any big debating tournaments for that matter. Simply put, I’m a king among insects, which isn’t much of a consolation, all things considered. I’m still a bit flattered by the notion that I can “go beyond being just a debater”, as I am more and more open to the idea of teaching Philosophy once I graduate. All I need is to be invited after I have made my desire to teach clear enough.

Anyways, Mr. Bulaong was employing me as an example a couple of days ago, saying that being a debater, I could try to use every logical nook and cranny just so I could convince one of my classmates that 1+1=3. Interestingly enough, I have such an idea in mind, but I’ll save that for later…

Lots of quotable quotes for sir this week…

“Maria, bakit ka tumatawa? Bastos iyan, ano?” (“Maria, why are you laughing? That’s green, isn’t it?”)

“So maybe you people have gone through that, I don’t know. Failing Math, for instance. Ako, hindi ako bumabagsak sa Math.” (“…Me, I don’t fail Math.”)

“Wipe out is such an American expression. As a Filipino, I think, ‘Wipe out? What? The dirt?’”
(Gestures in a wiping notion in front of a girl’s face.)

As usual, Arthur tries to argue the 1+1=2 thing because of the possibility of exceptions. Apparently, he’s been trying to disagree with Kant’s notion of an a priori conception of truth, such that certain exceptions can and will exist. Mr. Bulaong easily debunks that… ah, well. However, here’s a classic bit of dialogue…

Marcelle: Sir, kamukha ninyo si Arthur. (Sir, you look like Arthur.)

Mr. Bulaong: (Class laughs really hard, as he asked me to repeat the above line a couple of times before getting it.) Marcelle, see me after class. Naka-“A” ka lang sa 102 mo… (You just aced your Philosophy 102, and…)

Later, Mich reiterates…

Mich: But sir, hawig niyo talaga si Arthur.

Mr. Bulaong: Let’s not talk about that…

.:A Shot In The Arm:.

It’s been a while since I last met up with Tsumenki, so I was genuinely glad when I managed to last Wednesday. Grace and I waited for her at McDonald’s, where we simply chatted around for an hour or so. Even more interesting was that nice anime store Tsumenki showed to us in Shoppesville. Perfect. I have all the anime I’d ever need, one stop. Nonetheless, I was pretty happy about the whole thing, simply because I was now able to find the perfect spot for anime and wrestling videos. At the same time, Tsumenki later on in the week gave me the opportunity to practice my voice by having me read the transcript of a few scenes in Sensei 2… pretty interesting stuff, really.

I didn’t get to stay there long, though, simply because I had a surprise party to attend, which further made me feel that I was pretty close to being an honorary member of the Computer Science class, considering how often I hang around with a good deal of them. I was the first person out there at Earl’s house, so it was pretty amusing when I called Vida up on her phone because she obviously couldn’t talk distinctly enough, lest she ended up getting found out before the appropriate time. I hung around there and ended up realizing that Earl’s family is Chinese… his sister kind of reminded me of the fact. Ah, the hotness of it all. Haltered-backless is… err… impressive. Anyways, in any case, the people were pretty hospitable, and it wasn’t long before other people slowly showed up, some of them thankfully people I actually knew. I was just talking a bit with them, and Christopher was trading magic trick techniques with me. Nonetheless, the food was good, and the company was pretty okay. If I was known as Ranma back in high school, I’m being called Onizuka now… heh.

Christopher also had something interesting to say to me… but I’ll stop right there.

And so I noticed that I’ve been getting quite a few votes already for my categories in the Blue Roast. I simply hope that I could win in the “Crush ANG Bayan” (“Crushing on the town.”) category, though. I can do without “Batch Genius” considerations, though I’d appreciate at least making it to the final four. Lately, I know I’ve been pretty mean in saying this, but the signs that Mr. Benedicto is a lot more human than he’d wish to be has been quite a consolation for me. Nobody’s bothered voting for the jabroni as “Batch Genius”, to begin with. Nor did he win the Dean’s Awards in the Literary Essay category in spite of his extensive portfolio which, from what I heard, was about seven times as thick as mine was. I guess I couldn’t complain about not winning if that were the case, then. But it’s good to know that the bastich didn’t exactly get too far ahead, either.

So what’s all with the Bobby B hate? Oh, wait. My bad. Not Bonifacio. Benedicto. Nothing really. Call it envy or what you will, though envy is far from it, considering there are worthier people to be envious of. I just call it an aura of annoyance that the jabroni emits. Besides, he’s got a lot going for him already. Let him retain a bit of his humanity by having detractors…

.:GTO Again?!?:.

I just saw an episode of GTO that simply made me realize that irregardless of how much a person knows, irregardless (It’s not a word! Who freaking cares?) of how brilliant he or she is, that person is still human. I have to remember that. I’m not dealing with Chii 100%: I’m dealing with someone who comes pretty close, but is still very much human. Simply put, I have to recognize their humanity, and make a clear effort to do so if in case my realization of such faltered.

Kanzaki in GTO was a genius, but she was a human being, in spite of her being a test-tube baby. In Chobits, Ueda the manager married his Persocom. The Persocom is clearly not human. Bah Gawd, this anime is getting more and more gripping by the moment. Nonetheless, this is all simply a reiteration to myself that Sacha Chua is very much a human being, and as such, I should recognize her for what she is truly worth: a good friend who has her quirks and her seeming invincibilities, but is inevitably human in spite of it. Kanzaki clinched this fact for me. I guess I’m taking that renewed realization with me when I go to her house on Saturday. I know I have some issues and all, but let’s face it: granted different circumstances, I will still not expect to be anything more. So many reasons why it is simply so…

I’ve never been this moved by an anime for the longest time. I can actually argue that Rayearth and Ranma didn’t really strike this kind of an emotional chord in me, but maybe that’s just a product of hindsight. Ah, well.

.:Better Training:.

I don’t expect people to believe that I’m this amazing on-air talent with a golden voice, simply because it’s not true. Maybe I should really take Cherry’s advice and train in a Call Center for a while (With pay!) to learn Amspeak, then once I’m good to go, I simply quit. Haven’t been able to speak to Cherry in quite a while. That was a welcome development, no doubt. Ah, well. In spite of that, I’m pretty glad that I didn’t get any harsh rounds of criticism last Thursday, and in fact, I had a good time with Chico and Delamar today, considering the fact that it was a four-hour show this time around. Lots and lots of funny dialogue, and just in time for me to use my newly-purchased walkman, which is exactly Grace’s model.

Chico: So this guy boards the jeepney with a bloody handkerchief. Everyone in the jeepney was scared sick for the guy and wanted to help him. Soon enough, considering how he refused all their help, they opened the handkerchief, only to find in the bloody hanky two severed fingers with rings on them.

Delamar: Oh. What did they do?

Marcelle: He must’ve been trying to steal the ring!

Delamar: Yes, Marcelle. We know. I was wondering what the passengers did.

Marcelle: I guess it’s one of those “duh” moments…

Chico: Yes. It sure is.

Delamar: “Stealing the ring”! Ahh… my precious…

As if those moments weren’t enough…

Chico: Knock knock!

Delamar: Who’s there?

Chico: Egg.

Delamar: Egg who?

Chico: Excuse me, can I have an egg?

Talk about corny. Much to Delle’s chagrin, that was labeled a “Superfun” moment… heh. She did have her chance to pay back the favor, though, when she more or less declared that my handwriting is worse than Chico’s…

Interestingly enough, today’s Hot 10 was about the “Hot 10 Movie Lines You Want To Quote To Somebody”. My answer was pretty much something from the top of the head. I had ideas about funny lines, but never mind. I stuck to my guns with “Got 2 Believe”, and then quoted that line someone said to Claudine Barretto…

”You know, Mr. Perfect is not always Mr. Right.”


I guess it’s about time I gave myself a bit of leeway, considering how our group project for Pol Sci turned out really well. My groupmates were extremely good, as we collectively managed the time well enough for us to do just about everything right on schedule. Interestingly enough, Even Sach was relaxing with her class just a bit last time I sat in on her class. She was doing those multi-tasking tricks where your left hand turns clockwise and your other hand counter-clockwise. Pretty interesting, to say the least. Only then did I discover that she actually plays Percussion Freaks and Dance Maniax, so there should be something to look forward to in the future… ah, well. It was entertaining, to say the least.

.:What A Sappy Schmuck:.

I can’t believe this. It’s either I’m more easily affected by films now, or the films I’ve been watching as of late were simply that great. Apparently, “My Sassy Girl” is one such film that has so much emotionality that it haunts me. And all of those matters that may have seemed to be merely pure chance in the film were really poignant moments that certainly made me feel rather emotional and all. Bah Gawd, I can’t believe this. I appear to be really affected by that movie…

Anyone who hasn’t seen “My Sassy Girl” and is strong enough to admit to being a sucker for sappy films should watch this movie… and yeah, you can borrow it from me after I’ve seen it one more time… or two… or three… gah! I’m such a sap, after all! Ah, well. It doesn’t hurt to revel in my humanity every once in a while, I suppose. This film is just so great and therapeutic for me… I will review it soon, but as early as now, I’m handing it an A+ for its sheer beauty…

“Fate is merely building a bridge of chance for your love.”

.:The Top Five:.

Next Week’s Top Five: The Top Five Non-Politicians Who Should Run For President Of The Philippines.

As for this week…

The Top Five New Year’s Resolutions You’re Bound To Break:

5. To stop making New Year’s Resolutions.
4. To not migrate come May.
3. To avoid any repetitive redundancies and other wrong mistakes on grammar.
2. To stop repeating myself.
1. To stop repeating myself.

.:Whoa! Can You Believe This? Fun With Math!:.

Here’s an interesting proof of how 5=1. I will merely use basic Algebra to show how this equation works, and I leave it up to you jabronis to let me know what you think about it…

-5 = -5 (Basic equation.)
25-30 = 1-6 (Just another way of stating the above.)
25-30+9 = 1-6+9 (Add 9 to one side, balance this by adding 9 to the other.)
(5-3) squared = (1-3) squared (Both sides are perfect square trinomials.)
square root of (5-3) squared = square root of (1-3) squared (Get the square root of both sides.)
5-3 = 1-3 (Result of getting the square root of each side.)
5-3+3 = 1-3+3 (Add 3 to both sides to cancel the –3.)

And now, here is the proof that women are evil (Not my idea, but I thought I’d just relate it…)

Woman = Money and Time
”Time is Money”, so Time=Money
Therefore, Money and Time = Money and Money
Money and Money = Money SQUARED
”Money is the root of all Evil”, therefore, Money SQUARED is evil.”
Since Woman = Money and Time = Money and Money = Money SQUARED = Evil…
…We come to the conclusion that WOMAN = EVIL

See you jabronis next week!

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