Thursday, January 22, 2004

.:Got My Wish, But The Daily Vituperation Ensues:.

As I asked for feedback, it is apparently the case that instead of actually being given feedback on what they think of what I say, I am instead challenged on the veracity of the word “Irregardless”. Granted that such a word does not really exist in formal language, it doesn’t deny me the right to use it as I see fit now, does it? “Jabroni” and “bastich” are not going to show up in any formal dictionaries either, but I throw them around like… like… nah, forget it. I don’t go for that kind of language.

Anyways, irregardless of the nitpicking, I would have to say that it’s funny I received feedback like that. I mean, people never even realized the Loren Ipsum test, which was sooo glaring, and yet something as tiny as this? Oh, well. Them’s the breaks.

Irregardless of the nature of the feedback, you just have to give some credit to the second guy who made the comment (Assuming he’s not also the first person who commented.). He sure does his homework, and he actually has the spinal column to speak up without the guise of anonymity (Not that anything he said was so earth-shattering. Marcelle is human, after all. It is inevitable, Mr. Anderson.). I do recall a particular bit of hate mail in “defense” of this bastich who aired out dirty laundry on her thesis partners in the University paper. To this day, that person hasn’t really bothered owning up to it…

At the same time, as I was walking to school, I ran into this guy who’s handing out stickers with “Jesus Loves You” on it. What a despicable M.O.: using the religion card to make money off of poor people who gladly take the sticker, then feel compelled to give money when the guy tells them that any donation will do. It’s low, I tell you. I can’t begin to fathom how this guy wakes up each morning making these appeals to one’s religion just to make a buck, and one that uses guilt, even.

Irregardless, you might say that I decided to use a very effective means of warding him off. It’s not like he knows me personally, anyway. Thus, every single time the bastich approaches me, I simply tell him, “Bawal iyan sa relihiyon ko.” (“That’s prohibited in my religion.”) The day he asks me exactly what my religion is will be the day I have a really good laugh at his expense.

.:Still Sick:.

I sort of got my voice back already, but I still have to keep it under wraps. I killed my chances of being fully recovered by today (And thus being able to greet all the fine people this Chinese New Year on air.) after having eaten some Non-Stop ice cream for free at the Job Fair. At the same time, some bastich either used or poured out the contents of my bottle of Bactidol for my sore throat. I have no idea why anyone would do that, barring sheer clumsiness. But then, the bottle should’ve been broken, if that were the case. Someone could very well have done this on purpose to spite me and make sure that I don’t get well soon, and I have a sneaking suspicion who the bastich could very well have been…

In spite of my being a bit under the weather, I’m still doing pretty fine, nonetheless. It’s interesting to point out that while I have indeed lost my voice, that wouldn’t really stop me from going online, be it writing Friendster testimonials for most of my friends (I have 49 or so by now. Can you believe it?) there, although of course like Ron, I don’t expect to be given too many testimonials in return. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the few ones I have. Pretty weird testimonials, actually, especially the ones from Elbert and Purple. Peppy’s by now is pretty obvious, considering how into GTO I now am, and how that series is evidently shaping my perception of things… heh. GTO is such a fine, fine series, and likewise, Chobits. No wonder Ato goes gaga over Chii. She is just simply so cute. I still don’t get why adult magazines are called “side dish”, though. Pretty odd use of slang there, but I don’t mind. GTO can be a bit ecchi at times, but it’s simply hilarious. I almost pity the vice principal over losing his Cresta twice now, but then, he had that coming.

And yeah, a note on Sensei 2: amazing voice acting. ::snickers evilly:: Simply amazing voice acting, and now I can prove to Darn how such voices can be better in the right places…

.:Mick Foley:.

I frankly don’t care if it was a storyline or not, but Randy Orton has no right whatsoever to spit at Mick Foley. He doesn’t even deserve to hold the man’s jockstrap. Foley is GOD, and Randy Orton is nothing but some rookie who has yet to really pay his dues and actually come out with a great match without needing someone to do a Herculean carry job for him. Neither is he the least bit golden on the mic. I don’t give a flying freak if it was scripted, but I simply take personal offense to Randy Orton for that dastardly act. Whoever wrote that piece of crud about Foley walking out at the last RAW should be hanged, regardless of where this leads to.

.:You Learn Something New…:.

Ah, I think it’s time I added a new weekly portion to my weblog. I know for a fact that I’ve been using terminologies that are somewhat alien to my readers, especially those who aren’t so into euphemisms and professional wrestling. As such, starting next week, I will be defining one word a week, every Wednesday, until I run out of jargon to define, which means I’ll have to turn this weekly thing into a trivia portion. For now, feel free to click on my tap-outs at the end of this post and ask me what words you don’t get. I suppose I’ll acquiesce to the word most asked, assuming I actually get any feedback on this…

I’ve proven myself right, unlike someone I know in Lords of Pain, regarding the Loren Ipsum test. I realized a few people have read that post, gathering from the records I have on my webcounter. In spite of that, my attention was not called to the test, unless if people just logged on to read the previous post. I felt that if the people actually read it, then they would realize something was amiss, but then, giving them the benefit of the doubt, it proves people tend to skip the middle of my posts and get to the end most of the time. That’s too bad, because the middle content tends to be pretty good, actually…

.:The King Of Masks:.

Will be showing in the Philippines soon. It’s actually a relatively old film, and I’m glad they decided to show it. A word of warning, though. If you can avoid the trailer, do so! The ruddy thing spoils everything!

Overall, I loved this film. I’ll get around to reviewing it soon, along with Return Of The King, which I couldn’t review as it sure as Hades needs a second viewing in order to be manageable. Right now, I fully intend to watch that and Kill Bill, which features Lucy Liu. To Hades with Uma Thurman. At the same time, you know those bits where they show on TV people coming out of the theater and making comments about the film? My former co-worker in RX, sir Jojo, was in that commercial. Funny.

.:Mr. Suave:.

Ah, lots and lots of random topics today, neh? This last one is what I would call an homage to all those smooth operators out there…

Ei, happy Chinese New Year! Ü Is it true that you’ll have good luck if you kiss someone for the first time today? If it is, well… Ü

That’s the content of the SMS I sent to a couple of my friends (Mostly Chinese.). One of them didn’t think it was so, but I humored it further…

Darn. I sure could use kissing a cute Chinese girl, kahit sa cheek lang (Even just on the cheek…).

Anyways, while I was indeed joking, that was a nice way to fish out people. Of course, Rachel took the safe way out by cheering me on, obviously not thinking for one moment I was hinting at her. Heh. It’s funny, really. Nonetheless, I suppose Grace herself will find that funny, because she herself reminded me last night that it will be Chinese New Year today. Apparently, I nearly forgot, which is quite… uncharacteristic of me.

Ah, well. That bit was hilarious, for what it’s worth. Imagine if that “tradition” I made up were actually true… good Feng Shui for me every single year!

Ah, the hotness of it all…

And yes, I did meet up with Rachel Reyes, one of the people I sent that message to. We didn’t have much time to talk, as we met up around 12:40 in the afternoon and we had to be off by 1:30. Nonetheless, she was fun to talk to, and I’m glad that irregardless (I just love using these non-words! ::laughs maniacally::) of the fact that we haven’t known each other for so long, we’re still pretty much doing well, talking with each other and more or less just getting along pretty well.

So when we were on my way back, I got half a dose of good Feng Shui for the year, so it seems. She gave me a hug, and as I’m sure most of you jabronis know, I really, really put a lot of stock in them.

With that being said, thanx for your time, Rach! I really appreciated it. And thanx for the measure of confidence you put in me, as well. Rest assured I shan’t betray that.

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