Wednesday, January 07, 2004

.:A Horrible Misreading:.

From Sacha’s Wiki:

Looks like my bot implants are working. Remember that hack I added to ../emacs/bbdb-config.el to let me hippie-expand factoids? Earlier in #linuxhelp, a newbie asked about executing files. I wrote a really long factoid under the name "executing" and another one under "chmod". I wanted to use it in channel, so I addressed the newbie, typed "execute" and hit M-/ - whereupon the thing hippie-expanded to a nice, long factoid. I didn't mind it until I glanced at my scrollback and went, like, "I don't remember typing that recently." A quick look at the minibuffer history later, I discovered I'd had an old factoid lying around my .bbdb - and it was better-written, too! Neato

You won’t believe how badly I misread the first two sentences. I’m tempted to say how I misread them, but just figure it out for yourself. Of course, seeing Sacha earlier that day, still with her NB’s (Ask Elbert what that means.), ensured that I was just seeing things… apparently, she wasn't talking about dermatology at all, but computers... ::laughs::

Nonetheless, let’s move on a bit, shall we?

.:A Flash of Brilliance:.

I was in class for Political Science, and my teacher gave us a quiz. Asked on what a senator represents if the congressman represents his district, the correct answer, which few of us realized (A dearth of common sense!) was "country".

I had a different answer, though: PARTY.

Of course, my teacher said that I was wrong. Then I called on her again, and cited the Philippine constitution to prove my point:

Article VI, Section 18 of the Philippine Constitution states:

There shall be a Commission on Appointments consisting of the President of the Senate, as ex officio Chairman, 12 Senators, and 12 Members of the House of Representatives, elected by each House on the basis of proportional representation from the political parties and parties or orgaqnizations registered under the party-list system represented therein...

I said that since it's in the Constitution that the parties are represented, then the base of representations of senators can be considered as their party. ::grins::

Logical, yes. However, I didn't get the check mark I was hoping for, as my teacher disregarded it. ::shucks::

.:The Gloves Will Soon Fly Off:.

Simply put, some sumbish on OB has been on a lying spree from the longest time claiming to have gone through the worst tragedies imaginable, one after the other, be it a kidney transplant, an injury, and such. She still finds time to have children (She’s even having her second second child some time soon!), play Ragnarok and have a level-80 Assassin actually going up against Abysmal Knights (I have no idea what that means, but if Madame Sky thinks it’s impossible, who am I to say otherwise?), and think up ways of getting back at a lady who’s trying to steal her husband from under her nose.

And in the “What Makes You Laugh?” thread, she had this to say:

I heard that Britney is married. That’s also funny, considering that she’s like that…

Normally, I’d let a comment like that slide, especially since I’m no Britney Spears fan, either. However, since it was her making the comment, I thought I’d make an exception by replying to her post with the following:

What's even funnier is that she had it annulled, and for crying out loud, what's with stereotyping people with "She's like that"? Does that mean that if a person is "like that", then he or she is not the marrying type?

I just thought I'd ask, because I don't really appreciate hasty stereotyping "like that". It's not funny, especially seeing how innocent men and women get besmirched just because they're "like that". The Holocaust happened because the Jews were "like that". You get my point.

I'll stop now before I get into trouble.

I’ve had just about enough of this bastich being such a ruddy eyesore as far as my daily enjoyment of OB goes. I go in there, day in, day out, and all we see is her made-up stories cluttering up the boards, her insensitive remarks about, say, my avatar on the site, as she asked me to change my avatar. What the Hades is her problem? Considering my avatar is a picture of my girlfriend, I’m very much satisfied with my bloody avatar, thank you. She then even goes to insinuate that another OB member is “on my side” in the same thread. What’s the point of saying who’s on my side and who’s not? Not that I should care, but is this an insinuation that she’s not on my side? And why not, if that so be the case?

It’s pretty much like asking an innocent question, and then having that question passed on to somebody else because the person you asked doesn’t want any trouble.

Trouble from what? A ruddy innocent question? Ridiculous!

I have a good mind to kick this jabroni’s head in. The way she goes, we’re even beginning to wonder if she’s really a “she”, in the first place.

Oh, and the bastich even apologized to me about the Britney comment. Funny. Really funny. She completely missed the point of the whole vituperation.

Voldemort,if my post are offensive to you,or you're Britney's fans,forgive me.I will confirmate the post i made in the thread.I say Britney's "like that",in the terms of her personality;saying that she'll keep her virginity until her marriage but later known that she weren't anymore and (OK,this is just my opinion)Britney's lays make a sensational news that rather make me hate her (kissed Madonna) and so on.I hope this will make you understand,and sorry if i have made you angry.

Now she even has the gall to think I’m a Britney fan who’s being insulted, when I’m actually directing the tirade towards her sweeping statements about people being “like that”.

Wait a minute. I thought this bastich was a mother of two. So why am I supposed to be the one lecturing her? I think this proves my point even further. It’s either she is a lying bastich, or she has about the same maturity level as some of the other people I know. People who are hasty with their judgment without even thinking things over first. People who have no idea what they’re fighting for or against. Yeah, and these jabronis sure deserve each other. Maybe this bastich can find her way into the club.

.:A Plea of Insanity:.

Whoever has the GQ magazine with Lucy Liu in it, please, please, please lend it to me! I will be forever indebted to you if you do.

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