Tuesday, January 27, 2004

.:The Evil Sound Trip:.

I’ll take a hiatus from talking about GTO and Chobits (Though both shows proved really interesting today. Tomoko in the former, and the ghost story in the latter.) for today, and just relate to you this pretty weird thing Abby did to me when I called her on the phone today. We were just talking a bit here and there about the Blue Roast when the topic jumped to songs. She was asking me about this particular song by Lisa Loeb and for a huge fan like me, I was surprised that I didn’t even know about it. I then started telling her about this particular song that simply rended my heart. It’s something I should tell you jabronis about in the near future. Maybe on a special occasion… heh.

Anyways, Abby then started playing lots of different songs on her MP3, among them, “Muntik Na Kitang Minahal” (“I Almost Loved You”). Sad song after sad song, more or less, including Nina’s “Jealous”, and a couple of Freestyle hits. I suppose she wasn’t really trying to depress me or anything, but that first song was simply one of my crying songs. And to be honest, some of those songs she played were songs that used to apply to her. So maybe they don’t hold as much significance any longer, but they still do strike a chord. I guess she didn’t mean any harm, but she sure dampened my spirits a bit. Nonetheless, we had a pretty interesting, although short discussion…

I just wish it didn’t sting like this from time to time, though.

.:Being In Touch:.

Ah, interesting. It would appear that my talk with Angie today yielded something very noteworthy about her… apparently, my gut feel about her relationship status was pretty much appropriate, as it was obvious that this wasn’t even her first go at it. In spite of that, it was good to hear from her, truth be told. I missed talking to her for the longest time, and I do realize that Anj and I are far from the closest people I would know of. Irregardless (A-ha! The nonexistent word!), she has always been a good friend to me, and it was good to hear from her after the longest time… I must say that I was simply happy about all of that…

Got to speak to Rachel Reyes, who’s CP 6 by now, I believe, but that’d easily change when I make yet another update the next week, thanx to my short chat with her. It would appear that one of the CP’s I wrote off, Faye Reyes (I suppose you get it now.), is actually Rachel’s sister. Talk about surprises. I find myself a bit slow on the uptake, considering this is the second time I’ve run into someone who was actually related to one of my CP’s, and yet I didn’t know about it, clearly. Mark Lim was one. And now, Rach is another. Of course, to Grace’s chagrin, the rather merciless image of the two sisters in the same regard is a wee bit… unorthodox. It never even occurred to me that they may have been related, but it was, without a doubt, a pleasant surprise. Too bad I couldn’t get a photograph of Rach on short notice, though. It would’ve been good, simply because that’d enable me to actually let Tsumenki see some of my friends at that point… ah, well. It’s no biggie, I guess.

.:Hate Mail:.

This time, in the form of text messages sent in to 2299 during my stint this morning with Chico and Delamar. Apparently, I was right in being hesitant over the prospect that my sore throat voice was preferred by the listeners, and thus, constantly lambasted me over my not-so-spectacular voice throughout the show…

From Bartender: I’m sorry to be mean this a.m., but who is this marcel from Radio 1? He sounds like most of your callers. We kinda wanna here (sic) natural English with a twang.

That’s interesting, jabroni, because there is nothing natural about a contrived twang in your voice when you speak in English. At the same time, you might “kinda wanna” learn to spell “hear” correctly, neh? I can write and spell (Except for the word “irregardless”::winks::). I can talk a bit competently on the air, or else I wouldn’t even be at level 4 in Radio 1. It must really blow to be you, neh?

From ???: Who the hell is with Chico and Delle right now? Get off the airwaves if you can’t sound like Chico and Delle. Pang-AM lang ang boses mo! (Your voice is only for AM radio!)

Let’s get this right. If I sound like Chico and Delamar, that would mean I have two voices at the same time. And why would I even want to call myself Marcelle if I sound like two different people? I’m amazed, lady. You seem to have a spectacular talent to expect people like me to talk like two different people, since you want me to “sound like Chico and Delle”. Talk about a Herculean task. And yeah, don’t knock people on AM radio, either. That’s where I spent four years of my life. I grew up with the AM modulation style, and the FM mindset. Plus, Mike Enriquez is prolly ten times as rich and as famous as this nameless bastich happens to be, anyway. So don’t go around assuming that AM people sound bad.

So I don’t sound like Frank Sinatra on the microphone. So I have a nasal sound accompanying my r’s, and my diction is off at times. Maybe that explains why I’m training, and why I’m not a full-time disk jockey yet, doesn’t it? I know I can’t please everybody, but those sumbishes just really took the wind right out of my sails, to the point that I had a hard time just chiming into the conversation like that, simply because I was seething over the remarks of these people who don’t even provide me my paycheck, to begin with, so I suppose I shouldn’t be taking any crud for them.

I’m working on my speech patterns. I know I sound pretty good off the air but otherwise on the air, but that’s exactly why I’m training with Chico and Delle, so I could actually be able to do it well when my job would depend on it already. I’m tempted to make myself a batch of salabat (Ginger juice.) on a regular basis just to help myself along there. Or maybe I should get my sore throat back, because I seem to have gotten rave reviews for that run and not this one. It’s not like I said anything rather noteworthy, either. “Putting the runaway groom together with the fickle-minded bride” does not constitute an exceptional amount of wit on my part. I know I can’t please everybody, and I know Chico and Delle get even more criticism than I do, but you can’t help but admit that those stinging remarks really just eat away at me. It’s a challenge to improve, but I may as well have fun at the expense of these sumbishes who lambasted me.

I guess this means I have to train some more. Maybe on Thursday, although I’d be on air on Sunday, 9-12 in the morning as well. I shudder to think how I sound in the School Gimmick Board voice-over I made… this ought to prove quite interesting.


.:The Blue Roast Awards, And Other Instances Of Shameless Plugging:.

My short term goal is quite simple: to be nominated in the Blue Roast Awards. There’s a particular category that I have the feeling I fit to a “T”, although of course, it’s not something I ought to take seriously, considering my state with Grace (And to all you naysayers, eff you all. Four years don’t lie.). Still, it’d be interesting to see myself nominated for the “Crush ang Bayan” (“Has a crush on the town”) award. So to all those Ateneans who can find the time (And the two bucks or so. Nominations are unlimited as long as your money is.) to nominate me for this category, I’d sincerely appreciate it. Please, please do. It’s a cheap thrill yes, but I’d go for it anyway.

Gee, I wonder who my blue rose would go to, and if I’d ever receive even just one from someone who’s not a guy. Nonetheless, given the limited people I know, here are the categories, my chances of finding my name in there, and the people whom I believe simply deserve to find their place in this year’s Blue Roast Awards…


Batch Kengkoy: He or she is the batch comedian. As far as I’m concerned, I believe this distinction should go to Omar Flores.

Batch Celebrity Look-Alike: Hmm… I guess Jose Sixto Dantes looks a lot like Dingdong Dantes. Oh, wait. Seriously, I don’t think I fit into this category, regardless of the Cogie Domingo crud. Ala Paredes looks like, well… Ala Paredes. Patty Laurel looks like, well… Patty Laurel.

Batch Frequent Cutter: I iron man my classes, so no go for me at all. This goes to Renee Funtanilla, I guess.

Batang Cov Courts: This person is almost always in the covert courts, most likely a basketball addict. Nope. I’m far from it. Maybe Don Umali or one of the guys who also play with him there often?

“The Lib Is My Home” Award: The person who has decided to spend most of his or her college life in the library. Not me, definitely. Hmm… Zennia Mariano, perhaps?

Manyakumlaude: The epitome of green. Green-minded, that is. While I’m a bit guilty of such, not too many people know that. Given the people I know, I suppose it would have to be Rod Cantada who should get this.

Gifted Child: Sigh. Would’ve wanted to be this, but Bobby Benedicto will probably sweep this one, hands down.

Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig” Award: The person whose bag seems to contain just about everything. I don’t have much of a bag. The only one who comes to mind who does would be Charles Tan, but that’s mostly books.

Bahala Na Si Batman!” Award: The person who lives for the deadline. The king or queen of cramming. Hmm… Elbert Or, perhaps? I don’t cram as much.

Most Talked About Senior: Ha! That’d be the day when I’d come into play for that. More likely, it would be someone like Patty Laurel, or some other UAAP player who’s also a senior.

The Fashionista: Nuh-uh. I’m not too fashionable. Still, Audrey Tanco and at times even Daph Villanueva, perhaps. As for the males, Jeci David? Not sure, though.

Rock Star: Count me out. Katwo Librando for female, I have no idea for male.

“Bottomless Pit” Award: Who do I see eating food all the time? Not me, nor do I actually see anyone. Closest thing is Darnell Kho, but even that’s a long shot.

Drama King And Queen: If we’re talking about real life, I’m a shoo in. But we’re talking about acting prowess. Bro Andaya? I wouldn’t know. Neither would I know for females because Abby Yao no longer acts for T.A.

“Plume!” Award: The batch writers. Willard Cheng and Mich Orosa, hands down. I’m a net writer, so that doesn’t count.

“Cut!” Award: The director. Don’t look my way. This has Bobby Bonifacio written all over it…

Beadle Of The Year: I was never a beadle my whole life. However, Angie Bautista, Don Umali, and Elbert Or all have been. Lots of times.

Kikay Queen: I’m not even the right gender. Heh. I still say Audrey Tanco.

Human Whirlwind: Bobby Benedicto and maybe Daph Villanueva, or even Diane Sayo, but this is mostly from personal experience. I’m more of a whirlwind, but due to activities outside the academe…

Forever Harrassed: I hardly look that way. Elbert Or does, though, usually. Kate Mendez at times, too.

Coffee Addict: I don’t drink coffee. Faye Ibanez should be a strong contender for this, as it’s “Starbucks Queen” herself.

Mr. And Ms. Friendster: The friendliest people in the batch. Count me out. I’m very selective. However, Angie Bautista and Don Umali aren’t. I know. Top of the head. I’m sure the latter has another contender.

Love Siya Ng Batch: The most beloved student of Batch 2004. Me? Ha! I’d give this sooner to Angie Bautista, or maybe to Bobby Benedicto.

Taray Queen: Hmm. The feistiest of them all. I’m the wrong gender again! Madeline Dy seems to fit this bill perfectly.

Proud To Be Jologs: Not too many people know that about me. However, Bobby Bonifacio is conspicuous about it, as he’s devoted two short films to the whole idea.

Master Showman: The sheer performer. That’s obviously not up my alley, to be honest and to shelve aside the self-delusion for a moment. I’d give this to Don Umali, but lots of people say Jethro Tenorio should not be overlooked, either.

Mr. Suave: Damn, I wish that were me. But no, Wilfred Segovia is a lot smoother than I can ever be. Plus, he has the moustache for it.

Master Stalker: I can stalk, but no one is as popular for stalking as Charles Tan is.

Bootylicious Award: I’m sorry. I rarely look at that part of people’s anatomy, so I wouldn’t know at all.

Super Sereyna: The ultimate gay icon. Stop pointing at me, dammit. Some argue it’s Trixie Reyna, but she’s not really gay (I guess that’s hard to believe, but…), is she? Carlo Aquino, a.k.a. Anjo Lorenzana Jr. is more apt.

“Simply Amazing” Award: The most respected in the batch. Not me again. Not Luis Geronimo, either. I forgot the name of that other guy in Eco-H. That’s the one everyone seems to hold in esteem quite highly.

He’s Got Game: Not me. Larry Fonacier, I suppose.

She’s Got Game: Wrong gender for me. Becky Van Ommen would be the best choice.

Ang Laki Ng Bahay Ko” Award: The person who wears house clothes often. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing that. Elbert Or, and just about a third of all senior dormers in the Ateneo at times.

Where’s The Partay?: The glam student. Audrey Tanco? I sure don’t fit the “glam” description, either. I have no idea who else, but I’m sure there’re quite a few.

Always Hyper: I’m mostly morose. I guess this one should go to Arthur something from our Philo class. He’s always got something to say.

Tomador: Sharleen Tan? I don’t drink, so I wouldn’t know. Carlo Romero is another option.

Gimmick King And Queen: Absolutely no idea. Renne again? Rose?

Crush Ng Bayan: Audrey Tanco, Bobby Bonifacio, LA Tenorio, Larry Fonacier, Daph Villanueva. I’m out of the running…

Crush Ang Bayan: No question about it. MARCELLE FABIE! Who else, neh? CP’s be damned, otherwise.

Say Cheese!: Best smile. Abby said Pia Faustino. I guess. I’m not too fond of my smile. I’m sure Jeci David is.

“Getting Better And Better” Award: Ah, the one who looked better as time passed by. Not me, obviously. Don Umali, who lost a whole lot of weight, sure fits this.

Paganda Ng Paganda Ang Buhok” Award: Again, not me. Diane Sayo? Err… Dione Cotoco? My hair isn’t too good, but theirs are.

The Buzz! Award: The gossip mills of the batch. Willard Cheng and Je-An Aquino seem to be good options. Not my line.

Phat Award: The sexiest in the batch. I wish. Females clamor for Larry Fonacier, and the men fall head over heels for Patty Laurel.

Batch King And Queen: I dunno. I’m out of this, no question about it. Patty Laurel and Larry Fonacier again?


Sarap Maging Barkada” Award: The batch’s coolest group of friends. Mine graduated. The other mine exploded elsewhere… maybe one of the SEC groups, like Lotte Villarosa’s and maybe Jen Simons’, but of course, the trifecta of Darnell Kho, April Rojales, and Trixie Reyna should cause some buzz.

“Together Forever” Award: Grace is in UST, so that leaves me out of it. Maybe Abby and Bro, but they got things moving in 3rd year. Lala and GJ perhaps? Or would Mich Orosa and Carlo Ople be better for this?

“Better Late Than Never” Award: Not up my alley. This is for those who got together as a couple only as seniors. Frankly, I have no idea who fits this. I’m sure someone in Comm does, though.

Pagdating Ng Panahon” Award: Those whom we wish would be a couple after graduation. I have 12 wishes for myself that I wouldn’t even wish because of what I already have. I have no idea who would look together, but as a totally out there comment, I guess I’d go for Carlos Navarro and Sharleen Tan. I have no idea why this idea came to mind.

“LQ” Award: Again, Grace is in UST, so… Elbert Or and Jamie Zamodio would’ve gotten this, but one LQ too many kept them permanently apart. I have no idea who…

Friends Lang Talaga Kami” Award: Should’ve gone to me and Abby, except that we really are just friends. Those who deny the obvious are more likely people like Dione Cotoco and Wilfred Segovia

“PDA” Award: I know someone who should be getting this, but never mind. Again, Grace is in UST, so I’m out of this.


Favorite Teacher: Sacha Chua, Sining Tanedo, and Dr. Barbazza. But I’m biased.

Best Dressed: Sacha Chua and Andrew Ty, perhaps? The former is a definite. I’m not sure if the Goth style of the latter is considered as “Best Dressed”, though.

Sanskrit Penmanship: Hmm… Fr. Carlito Reyes, I guess. Talk about horrid handwriting.

Funniest Teacher: Ambeth Ocampo and Sev Sarmenta are heavy contenders here.

To Sir, With Love: Rafael Dy-Liaco, Jon Bulaong, and Mark Escaler. No question about it. Their legions of fans agree.

To Ma’am, With Love: Sacha Chua may be appealing, but she doesn’t have too many senior students. I guess she’d win that award when her freshmen graduate. Ma’am Sining, I guess, but that’s prolly just me.

“Wise Teacher” Award: These are obvious choices: Ediboy Callasanaz, Fr. Nemesio Que, Dr. Remmone Barbazza, Fr. Roque Ferriols, and Fr. Dacanay. Notice how most of them are terrors or stringent.

Most Promising Teacher: Sacha Chua? Maybe, but my Economics teacher seemed just as promising. Forgot her name, though.

There're other categories, but I mostly couldn't answer them... never mind.

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