Monday, January 12, 2004

.:Otakuboard Is Fun:.

Very interesting moment I had today, when I got around to reading the posts on OB, where madame sky was giving me the rub for taking all the grief from my conflicts with other OBers in the past, yet not flinching one bit. One might say I was pretty stubborn in that respect. Of course, she also had to underline that I usually get a tongue/keyboard lashing from them for the instances where I get a wee bit too… insensitive with my words. I guess that can’t really be helped, as I admittedly am quite a sanctimonious son of a bish(ie? ::grins::).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I can’t keep a grudge, even if I wanted to. There are, of course, many different reasons why I can’t. Some are resolved. Others just… expire.

Other funny things with OB right now? Well, of course, a certain member made a very gutsy and admirable public apology for her deception (Or at least, attempted deception.) of the whole OB community. Only time can tell if this is already the real deal (I’d give her the benefit of the doubt. However, I’ve seen double deceptions before. Lots of them. Samson, anyone?), but I think her “overdoing” the apologies may simply be her way of exorcising her demons out of her system, and I’d give her some slack for laying it on pretty thick. I believe in the mindset of contingency, however, so I’d best prepare myself for anything else that might come out of this.

Of all people for somebody else to pick a fight with, why the admins, let alone the senshis? Gutsy, but foolhardy. Especially if you have no idea whatsoever what’s going on. I don’t, so I’d rather not talk much else about it, except the stuff I know. That’s about enough out of me on this.

.:Can’t They Effing Read?:.

It does get annoying at times. No question about it. Annoying enough to almost make me cuss, but what is it with people who ask idiotic questions?

“Can I play this card to reverse this card that says ‘CANNOT BE REVERSED’? (What part of ‘NO’ don’t you understand?)

“Why do you like wrestling? It’s fake!” (And George Clooney was really a doctor?)

“Why is everyone picking on Triple H in this site because he’s married to Stephanie McMahon? Didn’t he get divorced on TV?” (Apparently, he doesn’t know “wrestling is fake”.)

“Why are you guys cheering Kurt Angle? He’s cheating in matches and the Rock says he’s pathetic!” (Neither does this guy.)

“If this card says ‘Can only be reversed from the arsenal’, can I use Defensive Posture from the ring area to reverse it?” (Can’t you effing read?)

“Why is Two Man Power Trip so broken? They can use Triple H’s and Austin’s foils! ” (Hint: they’re not.)

“Can we have a section here in OB that allows us to download anime and hentai?” (And you have no idea that piracy is illegal on OB?)

What is it with people who don’t know how to read? The rules on OB clearly state that bootlegging is illegal. How hard is it to click “RULES” on the site, read it a bit, and avoid the grief?

What is it with people who don’t know the phrase “Frequently Asked Questions”? Can’t they read up on that bloody list before asking a question in Team Canada? Better yet, can’t they even read the ruddy card for themselves? When a card says “Cannot be reversed”, isn’t it obvious that a card that says “Reverse any card” still can’t stop it, unless if the card says “Reverse any card, even if it cannot be reversed? Did the powers that be knock on their brains and ask for the common sense they were gifted with back to hopefully pass it on to George Bush and FPJ? Why do people in tournaments keep asking me idiotic rules questions that are either covered in the aforementioned FAQ (Which they should be reading if they want to win tournaments.), or is covered on the card itself? What’s the point? Do they just really want to hear my voice that often? Then why don’t they listen to me when I’m on Radio 1 instead? (Okay. That’s stretching it.)

Read, dammit! Just read and save everyone the grief!

Thank you very much for obliging this occasional vituperation from Marcelle.

.:Fr. Nick:.

Asian film class happened last Thursday, and I managed to see “The Key”. Sounds a lot like “The Ring”, maybe “The Phone”, even “The Eye”, and “The Grudge”. Unlike those other “The + (One-syllable word here)” films, this film has three distinct features:

1. It is not a horror film.
2. It is Iranian, not Korean, or Chinese, or Japanese. ::sighs::
3. It makes me look at the screen and ask back for those two hours of my life I just wasted.

The movie was a pointless and annoying waste of time! We spent two hours watching a four-year old kid trapped in a house with his kid brother because their mother left and took the key. We then see people trying to help the kid feed his brother, change his diaper, turn the gas range off, and ask the kid for the key. Finally, their grandmother shows up, and everyone asks her if she has the key. She doesn’t, but tells the kid where the key can be found. Twenty thousand grueling months later, the kid finally finds the key, then drops the key outside the door. And why the Hades couldn’t anyone pick up that bloody key from the outside of that door? After all, everyone else is outside of the house, waiting for the kid to find the key? Why does the kid have to spend the next seven years trying to get his hands back on the key?

See? The title of the ruddy film is really significant after all!

And we’re not going to write a paper about this waste of time? He may as well have shown “Eat, Drink, Man, Woman” again instead. That would’ve been better, and yes, the film was made in Taiwan…

The only saving Grace (Pun intended.) was that he required the class to watch “Bridal Shower”, where CP number 5 (I think.), Shar, was there. Of course, she’s the producer’s daughter, but who cares, neh? It was certainly a welcome cameo… and I loved the movie a lot. I think it was worth it to see the film with Grace last Friday night, and I think I can give it a fairly high rating. The dialogue was crisp and witty, and the comedy was arguably better than “Crying Ladies”, although Francine Prieto needs a bit more work on her acting prowess. It deserves a review, and I can guarandamntee I’d be giving it soon…

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